Trinity was always a light sleeper, and heavy prescribed medication drugs still processed lightly to her. The girl fluttered her eyes open, viewing a dim-lit sanitized medical room….or an asylum of where a monster was kept. Her head felt heavily disconnected to her body, but unlike Zach's it was physically still attached. She observed the room: a tube was connected to her chained arm, imputing…..or draining her blood. 'No, definitely draining' she thought out. Her head lifted up barely a centimeter above the metallic table, seeing Edward a few feet besides her – his skin as pale and transparent as hers.

"You've awaken, m'dear? Ah, how much harsher this shall be for ye then! I do not intend to keep you living, as I need your pure sweet blood that makes you the angel I've heard you are, nay?" A young man walked towards Trinity's feet, with a crazed sociopath look on his face. Beside from that, the features of a once handsome and muscular man were highlighted. His voice carried like a low squeaking mongoose, warped by the man's inner desires. Trinity tried talking but her mouth open and closed aimlessly, resulting into a defeated sigh.

"Dear lady," the man walked around his operation tables eagerly. "You may be my first captured friend I've had in a long time whom I can actually talk to and will be responded to! Nice to meet you! The name is Garrett. Would you like some pie?" he bellowed a throaty laugh at the necessities.

He limped over to a vertical table that strapped something looking like a humanoid-a decaying brain, lips, arms and many other sick features were nailed onto a mold of a glass human. Glued onto where the head would be was Melissa's hair, delicately fashioned into beautiful locks. Pale white skins were hanging off of the table, which Trinity realized was the skins of her friends and classmate. She gave out a cry.

"Let us go……please!" she bawled out, unable to think strategically in a crisis like this, with a headache already pounding and her heart beating slower and slower.

The man paid no attention to her and painfully grabbed Edward's face painfully.

"What soft cheeks…he can be useful," Garrett muttered to himself patiently, then reaching over Trinity for a bloodied sword beside her.

"NO!" she screamed, kicking his hand away from anywhere close to her. Pain did not seem to hurt him though, and he almost seemed as if he enjoyed this as a game.

"Glad I'm not using your muscles!" he sang, making his way by Trinity's bare legs. She gaped at what he was about to do next. The murderer started caressing them as if he, his edgy skin dancing on hers.

Her mentality unable to bear it, she slowly started falling into her unconsciousness.

"My Lenore…My Annabelle Lee…I will avenge your death…" he smiled sadly when Trinity distinctly heard the cops break in through the door. And then she fell into darkness.


"Don't die, Trinity. Please I love—! " Her mind was swirling and she couldn't make out who the speaker was, but she desperately wanted to tell him that she was fine and loved him too. Gaining consciousness, Trinity once against fluttered her eyes, staring right into the watery blue balls of glass that had always made her laugh. After many hours, she was in the hospital, where multiple blood transactions were performed to not let Trinity die from Ischemia.

"Edwa—" she started mouthing until his lips brushed hers frantically, in a passionate kiss of a couple of minutes. Asthma kicked in from both sides though, and the couple had to separate to breathe in deeply.

"Trinity, I love—" Edward began, but Trinity replayed what he had just done.

"What just happened?" she demanded. 'I kissed you, you insensible beautiful girl!' Edward joked in his mind, but understood.

"Apparently the cops captured the guy. He's some guy who broke out from the asylum. Did you know that we were in some mad scientist's lair in that house!? Man, I wish I'd seen it! And he kept going on about his love he was trying to resurrect or something… that's why he killed them off. To—"

"I know," Trinity bit her lip.

She didn't know how such a love could exist in which it turned the lover into a monster, but she did know that there was a 'certain-someone' right now who would do anything for her if mentioned. Trinity smiled at her best friend who had been through so much with her the past 17 years.

"So, Edward. What do you love? Because I could totally use some cinnamon oranges that I love right now!" Trinity Flower grinned as they shared another kiss.

A/N: Cinnemon and Sugared oranges are SOOOOOOO Godly deliscious! You must try them! Only a pinch of cinnemon, but tons of sugar, and sprinkle a few drops of water so it all sticks!