Ella's Point of View:

Some days, I just wanted to scream. Even after our wedding, even after the preparations, I was still treated like something to be shown off or paraded before foreign officials. Every day, I woke up well before dawn, while sleep was still in my eyes, and I wanted nothing more than to curl back up in my room.

Then, I sat for hours while women dressed me and braided my hair, then draped me in jewelry. The novelty of looking beautiful had long since worn off, and I missed the simple gowns that Georgina allowed me to wear. I even missed doing chores. At least then I'd been doing something. Now, all I did was sit and wait.

This was the life of a queen, and this was the life I'd inadvertently chosen for myself. Even the prince and I were never close, as he was always troubled with matters of state, and I was constantly shuffled from one appearance to the next.

I missed Helene, and even my stepsisters. I had few regrets in my life, but one thing was certain in regards to my marriage to the prince.

I'd made a mistake.

The end.