'My life is normal…well not really…I am an orphan I guess. My parents died in a car crash when I was 13. My oldest brother, Marques, who I always talked to more, was killed in a gang fight protecting me not even three weeks later, my second oldest brother, Jordan, who always played with me, died in the military a year later. I tried to be cold and lock myself away so I wouldn't care but I knew I was happy and sad that I cared so much; then after a couple months I moved on as much as I could which wasn't much, I mean I'm not heartless, I wanted to cry every night for them but I couldn't I hadn't cried since I was 12 so I just scream but as I wake up the next day and I put on a smile and try my hardest not to think of it. Besides the whole 'My family dying' thing. I lived with my guardian, Nina, who was always like a second mom, and her daughter, Aimee. She was Jordan's longtime ex. girlfriend. My parents weren't wealthy at all so I didn't have money to go to college but I guess I was sorta smarter than the other 15 students that wanted to learn and I got to skip two years of high school but I didn't want to go to college, I wanted to draw I know stupid, but I wasn't the genius everyone thought I was, just because I should be a sophomore in high school and not a senior. I had everything I wanted, yet I walked around empty so I filled my time with training with new techniques, dancing and singing, to myself of course, and anything else a 16-year-old teenager wouldn't normally do, drawing is my favorite. Hanging out with 'hoodlums' as people called them, was my way to relax I guess that is like my habitat I was born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY, the worst neighborhood in New York and I grew up in Detroit, MI the most dangerous city in the country …so I guess, I never grew up in a good neighborhood I grew up in the 'hood. I stole, lied and cheated people I never joined gangs instead I drew pictures, I had wanted to be an artist all my life, sometimes I would always draw the same thing, my dreams, except each time with more detail. I never know what that picture means it's my brothers, Aimee, me, another woman and this guy. He's dark, cold and mysterious and somehow I love that about him… Why am I in love with a dream? …I must be desperate' I laid on my bed crying, I had long caramel loose, curly hair, that fell a little past my butt, I am very short at 5'2" and weighed about 105-110 I never kept track, I was supposedly 'blessed with curves in all the right places' as the boys in my neighborhood told me and I'm Black and Mexican. I have bronze-ish skin and green eyes. I was thinking about my life and how I had lost everyone, I know I'm such a drama queen huh?, yet I knew in the morning I was going to put on a cold mask that everyone believed but no one knew what was behind it. Aimee was outside my door and I knew she had been there for about 15 minutes, so I stopped screaming. Aimee sighed and came into my room

"Hey mija como estas?" (Hey girl, how are you?) she told me in Spanish which she had taught me

"Bien…gracias Me-me" (Good…thanks Me-me) I told her

"It's going to be okay Emi…I promise, soon you'll see, really soon…even closer than you think maybe" She sounded depressed

"Yeah…I know, I'm going to go to sleep now" I loved her but I just needed to be alone today was the anniversary of the day the soldiers told me Jordan died and tomorrow was the day Marques was killed

"Yeah…Noemi…I just want you to know that I love you. You're like my family and whatever happens in the future…I want it to stay that way" Aimee gave me a tight hug and kissed me on the forehead and left the room quickly traveling down the narrow stairs. She stopped at the end of them and I waited by the staircase hiding, listening

"You can go now" She said reluctantly waved towards my room, there was a large hooded figure leaning against Aimee's bedroom door, it nodded and passed her quickly, the dark individual came up the steps I hid quickly and ran. Aimee lowered her head and blew out a large breath, like she knew something bad was going to happen. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face, when I got back to my room. I changed into my pajamas, which my black silk short shorts and a black silk lace camisole top.

"Ugh…stupid-"I growled when my cell-phone rang, I took it from my desk and answered. Unfortunately before looking at the caller id


"Sup' Emi" My boyfriend answered me

"Oh hey Carlos" I didn't really want to talk to him now, but I had no choice since I already answered

"Hey babe I wanna come over tonight what'chu doin'?" Oh god I don't really want to deal with him, we had been going out for like a week, who the heck gave him my number?

"Not much I guess…why'd you wanna come over?" I asked him irritated already since I knew his reason for calling…why had I agreed to go out with him?

"Maybe we could…hang out" He laughed I knew what he meant he was such a jerk

"And by hang out you mean have sex?" My voice turned ice cold…at times like this I was glad people feared me and my deceased family I had the power to make people quake even though I hated violence

"If you want I mean you goin' be seventeen don'tcha think it's time you had yo cherry popped?" ugh I hated it when he acted all hard around me and who says that anymore anyway he is such an idiot I can't believe he just asked me for sex that inconsiderate jerk

"Carlos I told you I ain't sleepin' wit'chu"

"Why not? Why you gotta be a pussy?" I know he didn't just…ooh I swear all men are the same

I sighed and then my phone disappeared from my hand

"Who the-" Wait who's in my room? Who is that?!

And into the hands of a tall, dark, man in my room standing next to me 'Greeaat I am going to be killed I knew it', He was in a dark black hoodie and dark blue baggy jeans

"She's not gon' sleep wit'chu right now 'cuz she wit me aight bitch" he growled into the phone and hung it up then tossed it to me, staring at me angrily with dark shiny silver globes

"W-who are y-y-you?" I took a step back but glared at him even more he was the man from my dreams he was my mystery guy and he was going to kill me niiice

"I am-…none of your business aight" He stepped towards me his tone was emotionless yet intriguing

"You're in my room I think it's my business you...jerk face" I insulted him but since I didn't cuss that was the best I could come up with at the time

"Hmm…jerk face? You're not very threatening" he mocked me I could see the laughter he was trying hard to be seen

"I-I know tai kwon do, and I won't hesitate to hurt you" I walked backwards until I was about 7 feet away from him

"Ooh I'm scared now…boo!" He jumped at me, and I fell back but he caught me I had no idea how he got over there so fast and I didn't want to know

"Be careful Sweetheart we wouldn't want you to get hurt" He whispered huskily into my hair and I felt myself sink farther into his arms, breathing out. God I was attracted to this stranger in my room

"What are you doing here?" I whispered, when I felt the shivers go down my spine

"I came for you" He wrapped his arms around my waist, whispering in my ear,

I couldn't say no to him whether I wanted to or not, and I couldn't push away the calm, warm feeling, I felt when he held me

"What do you want with me?" I asked not at all creeped out or scared that a stranger had his arms around my waist in my room whispering in my ear saying that he came her for me

"I need you to come with me" He said emotionlessly okay that voice is a little creepy

"Okay" I agreed even though my conscience was screaming at me to run away from this outlander, but I wouldn't listen, I couldn't

"Good girl…now rest you're tired" I suddenly felt tired and closed my eyes in his arms, He growled irritated and picked me up and placed me on my bed.

"What's your name?" I said softly with my eyes closed

"Tony… Noemi I need you to answer my questions okay?" Whoa how does he know my name? Creepy stalker man great he is goin' kill me I knew it but if anyone were to I'm sort of oddly and very disturbed to think this but I am glad he would be the one to kill me

"Mm hmm" I agreed

"How old are you?" Okay weird but whatever why does he need to know my age?

"16" I said softly NO! Stop answering him now Noemi!

"Where are your brothers?" How does he know I have brothers? What if he's some sort of stalker?...weirdo. Don't answer, don't answer, don't answer, don't answer

"Dead" I squirmed under his intense cold gaze....really chilling stare stop talking! Run now!

"Do you believe in hell?" All right now that's just stupid what the heck does he need to know that for? Get out! go away! I screamed to myself finally listening

"Yes" He held me tightly when I tried to wriggle away from him

"Do you believe in heaven?" Maybe he's going to kill me


"Do you think demons are real?" Oh c'mon is he serious? I bet Me-me set me up

"Yes" I smirked waiting for someone to come out saying 'got'cha' or 'Syke'

"Are you afraid of me?" Am I? I wondered myself but wouldn't I have screamed or ran away a long time ago?

"No" I said softer I thought he didn't hear me, He sighed

"Do you want to go home?" So he's stupid too

"I am home" Genius

"Do you want to go to your real home?" What the heck is he talking about?


"I can't tell you. You won't remember me when you wake up…you won't be here…you will see your brothers" So he is going to kill me... isn't that just dandy? Why am I so tired? Mmm...

"Mmm-Hm" I fell into the darkness of dreamless sleep or I thought. I could still feel him I was awake but I guess I looked like I was sleeping. He turned my head then I felt his hot breath on the crook of my neck and shuddered

"Wait!" Aimee's voice broke into the room and sighed Thank god she'll save me!

"Aimee…what do you want?" I heard Tony seethe how does he know her name?….No, no they can't kno-

"I- uh Anthony don't hurt her, please just be gentle she's really young and frail" WHAT?! She's asking him to BE GENTLE!! IS SHE IN ON IT WITH HIM?! Oh god!

"Go. Now." He said threateningly, wait I thought his name was Tony that liar....well Anthony....Tony same difference but besides that she's listening to him she left the room as quickly as she had entered. She left me in a room with THIS STRANGER!!!

"I'm never gentle" He leaned down and kissed the place where my neck met my shoulder…breathe, breathe Emi and sunk his fangs into my skin. I felt four incisors enter my skin painfully and quickly, He was drinking my blood I could feel him sucking on me!, I opened my eyes, while he was drinking from me, and being the smart and logical person,…yeah…not. I wrapped my arms around this complete stranger's neck pulling him closer, He tensed immediately at my touch but didn't pull away, I was pulling myself closer to him that surprised him. Then he pulled away with my blood on his lips, he looked into my green eyes with his sterling silver orbs, and I did another smart thing and kissed him, his body pressed against mine deepening the kiss, I tasted my blood on his lips it tasted different from whenever I bit my lip it tasted like . . . honey. He wrapped his arms around my waist, licking my lower lip seductively, so I was going to help my rapist great job Noemi, I parted my lips, allowing his tongue to roam my mouth. While our tongues wrestled, I ended up under him, with him straddling me, his arms were roaming my hair, then my neck, to my back, then my waist and now under my shirt feeling my lower back. I moaned like an idiot why I did that don't ask my body betrayed me but I didn't think of that then all I thought of that this had to be some sort of dream this was him, the man in my dreams, in my pictures, and that this was right

"Anthony, Lord Marques and Jordan are her- " Aimee walked in, gasping and then screamed as she ruined my moment

"OH MY GOD! Anthony!" She screams and behind her comes, the 6'2" black, muscular man in black baggy jeans and a tight blue muscle shirt called, Jordan, the older brother to me, who Anthony, was just making out with, and Jordan was now shaking with rage oh yeah my brother had some serious anger issues and that's when I knew it was a dream then... Jordan's sky-blue eyes flashed silver, glaring at Anthony. Anthony and I had pulled apart when Jordan had entered and now Anthony was on the other side of the room how he got there so fast bewildered me. Then entered behind came the 6'5 ½ " black, even more muscular man in dark blue baggy jeans and a tight black t-shirt called, Marques, and he wasn't any happier either actually he was probably more angry but it was my brother there in the flesh staring at me, but I didn't care how mad they were, my brothers were alive!

"Marques?!Jordan?! " I jumped out of my bed and ran to my brothers, their faces softened as soon as I spoke, I jumped into their arms, they embraced me tightly.

"God Emi I've missed you" Jordan said into my hair, then Marques looked into my eyes with his dark-blue globes and smiled as he picked me up and held me constricting my breathing

"I'm so sorry" He whispered then put me on the floor, they quickly looked at Aimee then at Anthony. They both looked down, bowed slightly, and quickly left the room. Jordan lead me to my bed, I stared at them with a mixture of shock, happiness and fear.

"I thought you were dead…h-how?" I asked maybe this was all another nightmare

"I never died because I was never in the army" Jordan spoke then I was standing up, yelling


"And I really didn't die, it was all set up" Marques placed me on his lap like I was some sort of child that needed to be explained to


"We'll explain later now I want to talk to you about something else?" Jordan smiled at me


"WHAT. THE. HELL. WERE. YOU. DOING. WITH. ANTHONY!?!?!" They both screamed at me

"Well- I…um…it's so good to see you guys!" I tried unsuccessfully changing the subject

"No switching the subject!" Marques glared at me

"I don't know what you're talking about guys" I scoffed

"I mean you making out with that bastard!!" So they don't like him greeaat

"I. Was. Not." I used the one method I could at the time. Deny, deny, deny

They both gave me a gaze that said 'Do I look stupid or blind?' so I should just tell them the truth I mean what more could they do? it's not like this night could get any worse or weird.

"Well… he broke into my room and then he was asking me questions and then he put me on the bed and I was really tired and he started sucking my blood and then I was all like insane and I pulled him closer and then the next thing I knew I kissed him then we were making out then Aimee came in and then you were here and that's it" I inhaled from the absence of breathing while explaining to them the crazy night I had. Jordan's expression in the beginning was irritated then I heard Marques's animalistic growling, Jordan was impassive, then upset and then I fell off Marques's lap when he roared and paced the room, as I said Anthony started sucking my blood Jordan's sky-blue orbs flashed whitish silver and glowed and Marques's Dark blue eyes flashed black and glowed then they stood as I continued. They were now both pacing the room.

"He. Drank. Your. Blood." Jordan snarled

"I know it sounds crazy…but it's true" I was hoping they wouldn't put me in a mental institute

"That son-of-a-bitch! Stupid bastard! DAMN MOTHERFUCKER!!" Marques Roared okay understatement of the year he didn't even sound human

"What is wrong? I know it sounds creepy but I feel great" I tried to convince them

"He didn't even have the respect to clean you up" They looked at my neck which I hadn't noticed but my blood had trailed down my neck and onto my shoulder. Marques put his hand on my neck and it felt warm at first then when he lifted his hand the four marks where all of Anthony's fangs (top and Bottom) had entered my skin were now golden scars not the normal dark pink scars I usually got as I looked in the mirror. He pulled a cloth out of his pocket and wiped the blood from my neck, then stared sadly at me.

"Is he like some weird wannabe vampire masochistic dude?" I asked them smiling hoping to get them to cool down

"No…he is just weird" Jordan laughed

I laughed and Jordan put his arm over my shoulders as he sat next to me. Marques was kneeling in front of me staring at me with a completely serious look on his face

"I'm a Demonic lamia King from the Night world" He stared at me seriously, as if waiting for my reaction. I burst out laughing and he waited, still staring at me seriously, for me to stop giggling oh my gosh he's still so funny but the expression he was giving me wasn't saying that he was joking.

"W-Wait Are you serious?" Maybe he should be put in a mental institution

"Yes actually I know this sounds unbelievable but you are a angelic princess"

"Yeeeah and Aimee is an angel" My words drowned in sarcasm…no way they aren't being serious

"Yes and for some odd reason you are a angel as well" Marques added

"Oh my god you're really serious aren't you?" I felt my stomach sink

"Yes I am really a Demon, Aimee is a angel like you are"

"…Okay…what is Anthony?" I asked trying to understand why I wasn't more freaked out about this, Marques's chest rumbled from his low growl

"He's my second hand man and he's a demon" Marques seethed

"Oh sooo why'd he drink my blood?" I had to ask I mean I needed some answers

"He awakened your inner 'angel' and brought you into the coven…so now we wait to figure out what your special ability is exactly" Jordan explained and then they stared waiting for something

"Oh…what's yours?" I turned to Marques

"Oh I am Omni powerful" He said cockily

"Uh What?" I knew what it was but I would let him explain

"I have the power of everyone and everything"

"So what about you?" I asked Jordan…I wonder what Anthony's was

"Elemental manipulation"

"That's so cool…so does everyone have these special powers?"

"Yes some strong and others weaker…royalty and nobles usually have greater abilities and children don't have as potent abilities"

"Oh well tell me more"

"Ugh…it's like 2:00am"

"Hey you left me alone for a long time for no reason I deserve some answers…pwees" I gave my best puppy dog eyes and pouted

"Fiiinnnee…Okay well when me and Aimee had been dating for about two years, our parents had just told me what they were…they were demons well dad was a demon and mom was an angel…and that me, Marques and you were prince and princesses, that after they died Marques would take over. Marques's old power was Mind manipulation, then when you become king or queen you are converted into Omni powerful being…We live in an alternate world that is decades ahead of this world but we use a sort of monarchy people vote for what they want and have freedom but the King or Queen is like the general ruler and is the most powerful we also take care of disciplinary actions and bestowing powers on people Marques is the King of the Largest and most powerful Coven in the underworld…Werewolves, Vampires, Shape shifters, witches, goblins, trolls, fairies, and basically any other supernatural or fictional creatures you can think of are real"

"So you're tryna tell me that the bogey man is real?" I asked sarcasm dripping off my words again okay it was a dream, a stupid dream, but a dream no less

"Yes his actually name is Garret though" Jordan pointed out seriously

"…so what about monsters in the closet or under the bed?"

"Goblins are in the closet and Gremlins are under the bed" He again stated matter-of-factly

"Oh What really happened to mom and dad?"

"I don't know some say they went off, others say they died protecting you from the Nadir, they're creatures that were banished and power stripped " Marques lowered his voice

"But no talk of that tonight"

"Tonight we celebrate"


"Yes at our kingdom…we will celebrate your homecoming tonight"

"Well is the 'Kingdom' in Manhattan?"

They both laughed at me and I narrowed my eyes.


"It's not in Manhattan, baby it's not in New York or on Earth to be honest"

"Well where is it?"

"In the underworld, another dimension"

Then there was a knock at the door, Jordan answered it and they both stood up straight as he opened the door.

"My King…" Anthony's voice came

"Yes?" Marques said "Come in Anthony"

Anthony came in refusing to even look in my direction, bowed slightly to Jordan and more to Marques.

"I'm glad you came in Anthony I need to speak with you"

"Yes Sir?"

"I see you've been acquainted with my younger sister, Noemi, already. I need to see the both of you in my chambers as soon as you get to…Sirenia"

"But sir-"

"Yes?" He looked over at him, and Jordan held his shoulder like he was holding him back even though Marques smiled at Anthony…oh that's right Marques never smiled unless he was really, really, really angry.

"Jordan, pienso que usted debe ir y la toma Emi abajo que necesito hablar con Anthony… solamente" No, no

"Soy apesadumbrada" Anthony said emotionlessly & looked at my eldest brother I saw Marques glare at Jordan for not leaving

"Bastantes! Usted se atreve entra en esta casa. ¡Despierte el ángel interno de mi hermana cuando le exigí ME LA TRAIGO!!" Marques threw Jordan against my wall and stepped toward Anthony oh god, Marques's blue orbs grew to be so dark they were black but Anthony showed no fear…idiot…not an idiot a man... prideful idiot. Marques picked up Anthony with one hand, off the ground.

"NO!! Marques Please!!" Marques turned to face me and I jumped back that wasn't my brother. His eyes were black as night with silver fire-like middle (think of Lucian's eyes from the Underworld), his lips were pulled back showing the rows of inhumanly razor teeth, the thing that was the freakiest was the fact that his face had black flames on the edging of his cheeks in two shaped lines and his body was glowing and his finger were glowing dark blue and dripping…I think anyway I crawled away and Jordan came up behind me and I screamed and jumped up and ran out the door.

"Nice one asshole" I heard Jordan growl and I kept running, stumbling a bit because of how freaked out I was. I ran down the stairs, out the door, and down the dark street I kept running even though my legs were throbbing from soreness and my throat was burning from exertion, My lungs were tightening I didn't dare look back. All this…had been real.

My two older brothers that had been dead for some odd years were at my house, the one girl I thought I could trust was in on this big…thing with them and the thing was that they were really DEMONS and I was an angel if anything else could go wrong I had kissed a Demon but not any demon my brother's, who did I mention was the 'Lamia King of some underworld' oh I didn't well anyway he is, second hand man and he was a jerk too God and I could've just shut up and fallen asleep. Even if this was a nightmare I couldn't even make this stuff up. I stopped running and nearly collapsed I looked back and saw only the shadow of the night.

"This kind of stuff just doesn't exist"

"Probably not in your world but in my world it does" A familiar voice said behind me I closed my eyes tight and tensed maybe she'll go away and I'll wake up in my bed

When I opened them I saw Aimee with another woman, she was beautiful, long dark brown layered down to the middle of her back, straight and silky, her skin was a creamy light chocolate brown it looked to be glowing, her eyes were like dark amber with coffee around the edges. She had high cheek bones and a long elegant neck she held herself like a queen,

"Hello, I'm Camille and you must be Princess Noemi pleased to meet you"

"I know you!... You're...Cami! Marques's Girlfriend!"

"No!...I mean no I'm not with him anymore" Whoa I thought they were going to be together forever. Marques loved her more than anyone God I wonder what happened. Camille turned around and then Aimee was next to her. They were whispering and then they turned quickly back to me.

"I know you're brother scared you sweetheart...-"


"Look he wants you to go live in the Underworld with him...forever and when you turn eighteen-"

"She'll know when she turns eighteen" I heard Marques's voice growl I looked behind Camille's figure, and he was standing there staring at me apologetically with Jordan. I passed Camille and Aimee and hugged him he held me tightly, He kissed the top of my head and sighed

"I wish you didn't have to see that..."

"Hey you're my brother I'd be insulted if you weren't overprotective" Speaking of it where was...ANTHONY!!

"He's fine I apologized for overreacting and I told him to take the night off and get some rest"

"I was talking to her Demon" Camille hissed glaring at Marques.

"Camille so nice of you to come and bid my sister goodnight but I'm afraid we must be going on our way" He said in a clipped tone and began pulling me away.

"Wait!.." Aimee called staring at us. "Wait for me...and Cami"

"Well come on guys let's go!" I smiled

Marques and Jordan stopped short. They turned and looked at the girls and shuddered.

"Um you- come- wit- us...bu- why-" Were the only words I could understand, Camille and Aimee just smiled and walked next to me looking straight forward. But they both nodded and Aimee held onto my right hand and I laughed then hit my head and sleep took over me

"Well it's been a long time"

"It's just shock"

"She overexerted herself"

"Well is she going to be okay?"

"She should be"

"You can leave now"

"I'm her brother"

"Well I've actually been there for her"

God my head hurt and I was covered in a cold sweat, I tried moving a little but it was like I was paralyzed. I tried opening my eyes but they were so heavy I couldn't see anything, ouch my head hurt and I felt like I was coming out of my body and then I saw myself in my room I looked down and I was wearing the same clothes as the self I was just staring at it in my bed. My head didn't hurt though and I wasn't sweating I looked and I was in my room. I heard Jordan and Marques outside wall arguing with Camille and Aimee. Then Aimee yelled and they all shut up and I looked back at the door and Anthony was smirking at me I screamed and woke up the sweat covered me and my pillow, My head hurt too. I tore off the covers from my body and stood I swayed bit and I was lightheaded. I looked out my window I was home I think. Did it really happen or was it a dream? Dream definitely a dream. I glanced at my clock I was going to be late it was 7:45am.

"Emi If you don't outta bed right now you're going be late!" I heard Nina yell from downstairs

at first I was surprised but then I laughed I heard the door slam after and knew she left for work

"It was a dream kid" I took a super quick shower and dressed putting on low-rise stonewashed boot legged jeans and a plain white tee and a cropped black jacket that ended right underneath my bust. I tied my black Nike forces I put on dark black eyeliner a little underneath my eyes and above, with some dark brown shadow on the edges of my lids, I tightened the black and white bandanna around my head letting my Carmel waves cascade down my back. I slid the switch-blade into my back pocket and and hid another in my black studded belt. I put on dark red lip gloss and checked myself once again in the mirror I hated looking so mean. I got my backpack and took the books and shoved them in roughly, then sighed as I took out Marques's silver and black pistol and cocked it slowly and un-cocked. I turned on the safety and tucked behind my back pocket in between my belt and Aimee came in while I had securing it. She was wearing some thing more light and pretty, light blue jeans over her white Nike Forces and a simple light pink halter and white jean jacket and her white big purse. She put on clear gloss and

"So you need a ride?" She frowned looking at the weapon in my possession and I hooked my backpack over one shoulder and smiled

"Baby! I know you need to keep safe but Marques died using that thing" She handed me the keys

"Yeah I know he was protecting me" I growled

"Whateva short stuff … how did you sleep?"

"Uh nightmare...really weird how bout you?"

"I don't dream, Angel"


"What don't like your nickname no more?"

"No, No it's fine just gonna be late so you taking black or white?"

"Take a guess" She waved her hand over her outfit I laughed and she uncovered her bike. It was pearl two-tone white-lilac Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R almost the nicest bike I've seen in my life just looking at it gave me chills I scoffed as she laughed at my gawking and exposed my own baby. A dark green bike with black tribal signs on it. We both hopped on our bikes and then I sensed something being thrown my way and reached to grab it unconsciously my hands wrap around a small roll of money maybe 1000 bucks. I glanced back at Aimee.

"What's this for?"

"Go shopping with Isabel don't forget about your monthly birthday gifts silly" She laughed and roared her engine to life speeding out of the small garage like a rocket. I got on my bike, stuffed the small bundle of money in the small pocket of my backpack, slipped on my glasses and drove off; pressing the remote button to close the garage door. I parked in the smaller parking lot at school and hopped off my bike, and slipping my dark glasses into the small area of my backpack. Isabel came toward me in her normal clothing. We hugged and greeted like any other day until I finally listen to what she had been saying about the new kids as we entered the Cafeteria and I saw 'them' I saw those silver eyes not Grey not white...silver, then I did a double take and he was staring at me with normal plain brown eyes. It was him I know it's him I couldn't say who he was but it was Anthony from my dreams. I swear to god it's him I walked towards him and he smiled almost mockingly. I got to his table and he stared at him

"What'd you want kid?"


"No I'm Ray who the hell are you?"

"I'm Noemi...you're not Anthony" I said quietly

"No I'm just here dropping my little...cousin off...Hey...Adrian!" He called to a boy that probably was a sophomore, he nodded and came over.

"You know dis bitch?"


"She callin' me sum nigga Anthony I gotta go Cuzzin later" Anth- Ray stood and left the room. Adrian stared at me, with an eyebrow raised but he wasn't looking at me instead his gaze was on my breast

"Hi Adrian my face is up here" His head snapped up

"Sorry Noemi" He said quickly and I stepped back

"Shit" He said as he glanced away then back at me slightly paniced

"I didn't tell you my name"

"I know." He frowned and then turned and walked out and Izzy came up next to me, begging for details about my interaction with the new kids. I had no answer.