Claimer: Mine. No takey, s'il vous plait.

all the years i have wasted

Let me whisper in your ear
Promises and trivalities and sweet nothings
(but what are sweet nothings, anyway? and
since when was nothing sweet?)
Except you're not here
So I can hardly presume you'd be listening
When you're miles and miles and years (mostly years) away.

I drove past your house today
(it's a shortcut, i tell myself, a shortcut)
And it hasn't changed at all, except that
We're not sitting on the stoop in companionable silence.
I suppose we could sit there now, and there would be no words,
But it would just be awkward, wouldn't it?
You wouldn't touch me, you wouldn't even try,
And I would sit there and wish that you would
Because then I could crush you in my arms
And not feel like such a fool.

It seems that you're just a hazy reverie
That I indulge myself in when the hours are slow
And when my heart is aching because it has nothing better to do
(nothing better to waste painful half-beats on but distant memories of you)
And I know it's just a dream, but I'm gonna keep dreaming it
Until there's a reality to wake up to.

(rise and shine, sleepyhead. i open my eyes, and there you are, grinning.
except you never have been here, have you? it's like i said—
just a dream)

Maybe all I would say
(remember? i was whispering in your ear)
Would be I love you love you love you
And maybe for once it would be enough
To make you love me back.
Saying things aloud should make them true.

"Come back to me."

(i knew it wouldn't work)