Miss hipster diva gossip girl ( like TV...
did you hear? what Chuck did last night)
she says, she says:
I saw your boyfriend last night
making out,
Oh yeah?
this other girl,
she was like, this pretty [gesture]
Thanks. I guess.
Oh Sweetie
I'm sorry...
Are you?
Miss hands on hips are you ser-i-ous
she talks she talks, she thinks
Does anyone listen?
Last thing I think I said was,
(can't be sure about these things)
"It was this big" [gesture]
I don't even know what this was/
what is this?
My hand maybe that soft white flower
length of your eyes
(who even says that?)
I don't know
In any case I don't really think it
If no one hears you-

Miss girl, miss pretty, miss I can't do too much,
I can name drop too,
Peter Patrick Chris and Greta
Mmhmm. Yeah.
I like her.
Then she says
Then I say
and then we both