Why must I always choose my own way

Despite all the love that You've shown?

Why would I try to throw far away

The precious salvation I've known?

Why do I seek my sinful desire

When the way, in the end, leads to death?

Why do I quench that holy Fire

That You gave with Your dying breath?

How can I give in to the enemy's dart,

When I know all the sorrow it brings?

Who knows all the depths of this wicked heart,

Deceitful beyond all things?

How much must I have to hate what is good

To willfully do what is wrong?

Why do I refuse to do what I should

When You've proven Yourself so strong?

How can I sin when You watch from above

And lovingly reach out Your hand?

Is this the fullest rejection of love,

Straying from what You have planned?

Why must I stay so selfish and blind

When You've given me eyes to see?

How can I sever these ties that bind,

And who will deliver me?