my mind is collapsing
inward as my torturous wrath
explodes outward,
hitting everything in its
mile-wide reach, seeking to
tear apart everything in my
sight & smash everything
within twenty feet. my
chest is expanding at an
exponential rate, ripping open
& allowing my frustrations to
escape, exacerbating my feelings
of oppression & loss. my hands
tremble slightly, looking for
something to constrict & muscle memory
kicks in, straining against my diminishing
will to lash out and kill everything.

[[just go die, fucker, no one wants you anyway.]]

a/n: Everybody hates me now, so fuck it
Blood's on my face and my hands, and I
Don't know why, I'm not afraid to cry
But that's none of your business
Whose life is it? Get it? See it? Feel it? Eat it?
Spin it around so I can spit in its face
I wanna leave without a trace
Cuz I don't wanna die in this place
© Slipknot 2001