Talking to Animals

Part IV

"What can I get you for breakfast?" mommy asked me.

I want to give some bacon to the dog, but how do I get mommy to make bacon? Mommy never wants to make me bacon for breakfast, because I'm always running late. Well, I'm almost always running late. Sometimes I get up early to wait for the middle school bus with my neighbor, Kim. Sometimes hate the dog because of things like the talking and that he wants bacon. Maybe I could get mommy to make me eggs and bacon. Mommy might do that, because she always wants me to eat a healthy breakfast. Eggs are healthy, so maybe she'd go for it.

"Maybe I could have eggs and bacon?" I asked with my cutest smile.

Mommy looked back and forth about a million times between me and the clock on the wall. "If I make eggs and bacon, will you eat it in time to get to school?" she asked.

"Yes, mommy. I would be able to eat it before school," I told her.

Mommy smiled at me, and began to get out pans and eggs and everything to make me breakfast.

"She is such a sucker," Puff the cat said. "Your mom falls for everything you ask her to do."

"Shut up, who asked you?" I snapped at her.

Max, in the mean time, was sitting on the floor wagging his tail. I heard him whisper, "Yes!" I swear he smiled at me.