How could I be so blind?

So blind as to fall for you

You never cared

Did you?

I didn't really mean anything to you

I was a good time

A pretty toy

Something to pass the time

Something to entertain you

Someone to keep you from getting lonely

Just a pretty toy

Am I right?

It seems so

And all this time I didn't see

I loved you

I still do

But now I hate you too

Do you know how much pain you caused me?

You ripped my heart apart

You made me want to claw my face off

You made me want to hide away

To never talk to another person again

And you scared me

More than anything I was scared

Scared that I would be your toy

That I would just pretend you cared

Hoping that it would come true

That I would win a place in your heart

Be something more than you pretty toy

I would do anything for you

And that's why I'm scared

I shouldn't care for you that much

Especially when I know you don't care

When all I am is your pretty toy

Your pretty toy