When we stop, we don't really stop. Everybody
around us wants to believe it is the end, but how
is this possible when my words are fractures of
what I want to say? Our meanings are clashed,
an open book with wet pages, ink splatters that
once made sense -

When the sun hits your eyes, I have never seen
anything more beautiful. In sheets and blankets
and sweat, where forever is never an option, I
have decided that I will keep trying. And it's
only sometimes that I think I am climbing a
pointless mountain,

but still I think on that song. Because truly,
you are long gone. After all of the bad dreams
I have had, this is the most horrific of them all.
I cannot make you see, not really. After all the
stopping and going, I'm here for you, and I'm
left with a swollen heart.