The Head

This is my flash fiction. (less than 500 words, about 2 pages or so) I hope you love it. i'm looking to see what people think. please tell me how you feel about it.

It had washed up on the shore.

I stared at the severed head for a moment, my curiosity unmoved by disgust or fear. I checked it over, examining the bloodied head without haste.

I figured the best way to react when confronted with a severed head would be with practicality. I wanted to react in as pragmatic a way as possible. (screaming and running away certainly wasn't going to help.)

So I merely observed.

It was a mans head, perhaps he might have been attractive in life…but it was hard to make that call now. He had brown hair, a long straight nose, and one blue eye. (the other had been punctured.)

"Hello." He said amicably, grinning at me like I was an old friend. "Can I show you something?"

I shrugged, wondering how a head would end up on this empty beach. I supposed that the rocky shoreline must serve as a hiding place for a number of criminals. Perhaps they had committed a crime here.

But where was the body?

I pulled out my cellphone and took a picture of the head. I would show the police later to see if they could identify the person. (I certainly wasn't about to put the head in my car) I then decided to see what it wanted to show me.

I was bored. My vacation had been uneventful, and as long as I recognized this situation as being odd and regarded it with caution, I assumed I would be safe.

I wrapped the head in a makeshift hammock made of my beach towel.

"Go straight." The head remarked, smiling excitedly.

I did.


After a few hours the sky started to get dim and the dark shoreline began to rise above the rocks. The ocean looked smooth and deep.

I wondered how long I would have to walk to get back to my car, realizing that I had long since abandoned my original pragmatism. I shook off the thought, continuing to walk in silence with the head slung in my towel.

Sometimes he made remarks, asking me about myself…but towards the end of our journey, when my feet were sore from treading sand and the sky was as dark as the ocean he stopped talking at all.

I fell to my knees and stared at the head.

It bothered me more than it had before.

"We're here." It said smiling. "Look out to the ocean."

My posture asked him why.

"Because I had to do this." The head replied, still wearing that stupid grin. "If you don't look I can't leave."

I turned slowly, curious, then screamed in horror at the yawing abyss that seemed to rise out of the shallow ocean. It was the mouth of a huge leviathan, with teeth that could sever the head from a body. A scaly creature, strait from the past.

Its mouth smelled of decay.

"The rest of you is in there, isn't it?" I asked, breathless and forlorn.

The head smiled. Perhaps it would have nodded.

I didn't have the time to decide if it had said yes.


Night must have passed. I found myself staring up at a person.

"Let me show you something." I found myself saying, a grin on my face.