A/N: This is a unstructured kind of piece I'm working on. I wanted to write a shoujo-ai story that revolved around a few characters and was light and kind of amusing. I'm trying the best that I can so if readers like it then yay!

Just My Luck

Chapter 1 – Chance + Roommate

"Oh please be a good a number, I want a roommate that is smart and funny and interesting and maybe a bit pretty but not too pretty... Pretty please!" Tomoe's little prayer was stopped abruptly by one of the dorm leaders.

"Tachibana-san would you just make your pick? There's quite a line behind you."

"Ah, my bad, my bad. Well, here goes nothing." The girl took a deep breath, closed her eyes and reached into the spinner to pull out a numbered ball. This little white numbered ball would tell her which second year she would be spending the rest of the school year with as a roommate. It was one of the traditions here at the Hikarimono Girls Academy and it would be wrong to say that Tomoe was not excited for or anxious about the upperclassman she was going to meet.

"Okay then, what number." The tall girl opened her eyes and brought her pick up to her face. As her slim fingers pulled back they revealed a dark number forty-seven on the ball. Smiling, she hurried over to the board to find the name of her senior. 'Who is it? Who is it? Who is it?' Tomoe kept asking herself the same question as she pointed a finger at the the top of the listing and brought it down to number forty-seven. Shinozaki Ichiko. Who was she? Tomoe sped off to find her.

"Oh, Tachibana-san!" One of the volunteers for the drawing walked up to Tomoe grinning from behind her thin-framed glasses. "I'm Kataoka Natsume, nice to meet you."

"Hello sempai, I just finished drawing my number. I got number forty-seven."

"Forty-seven? So you are the one that drew Shinozaki-san's number." Kataoka's expression evolved into a more devilish smile. "Are you prepared?"

"Prepared? She can't be that bad, I'm sure I'll be fine." Tomoe usually got along with other girls just fine, so the thought of sharing a room was not something she was particularly worried about.

"Well, Shinozaki-san is on the student council and a prominent member of the archery club. Also she might be one of the smartest girls in Hikarimono. The only thing is she usually keeps to herself." Kataoka adjusted her glasses. "The second-year who was her roommate last year never made friends with her at all. Shinozaki-san would just read her books and write stuff in her little pocketbook."

"Eh." Tomoe's face became gloomy after hearing about Shinozaki. It wasn't a bad thing, but she was hoping that the girl was a more cheerful person. "Well it's not too much of a bother. If she wants to keep to herself than I won't tread on her space."

"Haha, well said." Kataoka pointed to the large double doors at the opposite side of the room. "Shinozaki-san and the rest of the second-years are in the dining room waiting to meet their roommates. Go see her, she might not be as bad as I say. Good luck!"

As Tomoe walked off she could hear Kataoka-sempai laugh amusingly. There was a possibility that she took some sort of joy from knowing Shinozaki-san's roommate. Tomoe shook her head and passed through the double doors into the dining room. Slices of cheesecake and tea were being served to groups and pairs as girls were meeting each other. Everyone looked lively.

"Oh no." Tomoe remembered that she had no idea what Shinozaki-san looked like at all. She stood planted near the doorway. It wouldn't hurt to ask someone. However, before she could head to the nearest table, she saw a flash of light from the direction of the windows. Her eyes blinked a few times before she brought her hand up to shield her eyes.

Tomoe looked over to see a dark, short haired girl looking straight at her. Her right hand held up her chin and on her wrist was a golden bracelet that bounced the sun's rays onto Tomoe's face, while her other hand was resting on a closed book. A moment later her gaze was followed by a quick smirk. Tomoe walked over, visibly annoyed.

"You know it's kind of annoying to just stare and smile at somebody. It kind of gives off a creepy feeling." Tomoe towered over the other girl's seat and drew some audible whispers from the tables around them.

"Staring?" The short-haired girl laughed though the sound was muffled by the hand she used to cover her mouth. Tomoe was quickly turning red. "You aren't that beautiful."

"Well then, why were you stari-"

"The ball."

"The ball?" Tomoe had forgotten the ball was still in her hand. The black number forty-seven was also facing out in plain sight. She bowed in embarrassment. "Ah! You're Shinozaki-san! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say anything bad."

"Oh no, it's fine. You're an interesting one though... Tomoe-chan. Is it okay to call you that?" Ichiko pointed at Tomoe's name tag while she took a seat and began to write a few notes in a pocket notebook that was laying on the table.

"Yes, that's fine." Tomoe began to make a first impression of her roommate. Ichiko seemed very odd. Why was she writing in the notebook anyway? Keeping notes? Of what? Tomoe? Kind of weird. "So now that we have met, can we go settle in our room?"

"Not yet." Ichiko raised a finger that made Tomoe freeze in place. "Let me take a look at you for a little while longer. I'm interested in you."

"Interested!?" The adjacent tables started their whispering again, much to Tomoe's dismay. "You don't just say something like that out loud! People will misunderstand."

"I think you might be misunderstanding Tomoe-chan. I just want you to be in student council. Although I wouldn't mind you misunderstanding." Ichiko's lips curled into a smirk. "You're my roommate so it would be great to have a first-year I'm close to go with me. We can deal with the formalities later." Ichiko's eyes were locked with Tomoe's anticipating her answer.

"That's fine." Tomoe had no idea what to think of Ichiko. It was like she couldn't figure her out at all. However, she could sense that there was most likely nothing bad about Ichiko. From the words of Kataoka-senpai, she seemed like a nice person.

"Well then Tomoe-chan, let's go see where we'll be staying this year." The two rose from the table and left the dining room and ascended the central staircase to the second floor, where the first and second-year rooms were located.

"You're bags will be here in a minute, I asked a friend to tell them." Ichiko walked into the dorm smiling at Tomoe and took a seat on her bed on the left side of the room. The sun was setting outside of the room's windows. Tomoe was amazed by how different her empty side of the room looked compared to Ichiko's side. There were family picture, school activities pictures, her bed covers were a deep blue. All sorts of pillows and plushies were scattered about the bed and from the half open closet her clothes were there too. The items made Ichiko look more childish than the cool and mature aura she gave someone would feel by just looking at her.

Tomoe sighed. The only thing she packed were just necessities. Her books, clothes, makeup, toiletries, her tennis racket, one large blanket and her precious stuffed rabbit with the slightly torn arm. When the suitcases arrived she unpacked and put everything into place quickly and then plopped herself down on the bed. She could hear Ichiko scratching away at the pocketbook with her pencil the whole time.

"Shinozaki-san?" The short haired girl looked up attentively. "What do you write in that pocketbook? Notes of some sort?"

"Would you like to see?" Ichiko stopped writing and held out her hand.

"Yeah if you don't mind." Ichiko shook her head. Tomoe opened the pocketbook and saw many different notes about many different things. She saw notes about favorite places, favorite foods, interesting rumors and stories, but when she got to the most recent page her eyes widened and she started to feel uncomfortable. "Tomoe-chan... Appealing to the eyes, might be my t-type. Hair seems really soft and silky, would like to smell and/or t-taste. Looks like she plays tennis, I want to s-see her in her tennis uniform. One day I will have to sneak into her be- Shinozaki-san! Why would you show me th- mmmmpf!!"

The pocketbook fell from Tomoe's hand as she was pushed backwards onto her bed. She held her breath just realizing what was actually happening. Ichiko was on top of her and not only that but their lips had met. Tomoe could feel the warmth of Ichiko's lips and her breath and felt like she was being drawn in. However she regained her composure and forced Ichiko off of her.

"W-w-what? Why did you do that?" Tomoe was blushing furiously with her hands on her lips, still feeling the heat of Ichiko in front of her.

"I just wanted a taste." Without a second thought Ichiko looked at the clock. which read about twenty-five minutes until seven. She then turned to Tomoe with a smile. "Let's go have supper. We shouldn't skip meals."

Tomoe felt as though she was going to faint.