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Chapter 10: The Truth

C'mon, Ryouko... It was the final set of the grand finals. Somehow, Ryouko's opponent had managed to battle back from a six-one first set to win the second six-four. Fortunately for Ryouko, the game was tied at the moment. This would be the last two games. She had to win. For the team. For the school. For Tomoe. The short-haired girl let the tennis ball fly and served it as best as she could.

Tomoe held her breath. She cheered for Ryouko and knew about the little bet between her senpai and her girlfriend. But she didn't want Ryouko to lose. Not in the grand final. That would just be bad. However if she thought about it from Ichiko's side then Ichiko would want Ryouko to win as well, wouldn't she?

The petite girl was sitting on the bleachers outside of the fencing. Ichiko was watching the tennis match attentively, showing her usual emotionless face. The only problem was she was fighting herself deep inside her own mind. She was too quick to deny everything about Ryouko and herself. She was still in love, even if the feeling was so faint. Ichiko watched Ryouko run back and forth, with the fire of competition burning in her eyes. The way she glided and the way the sweat wet her hair, she missed it. But she had a new goddess in her life. Ichiko looked over to the Hikarimono side of the court. Tomoe was sitting, shaking her foot up and down in nervousness for Ryouko. Ichiko knew. She knew Tomoe loved Ryouko as well. She was the same. They both loved each other and Ryouko. Then, what did Ryouko think?


Ryouko served the ball and continued to put up a fight against the opposing player. It was one more point. She's off balance now. There. Game. One more. She looked up at the bleachers and spied Ichiko. Her face was too stern. It was a wonder how a girl so happy and carefree would turn to serious and determined. Did she still care? She did. Then why? Why did she like Tomoe? Ichiko could have taken her back, but she didn't. And now the only other girl she was interested in was already Ichiko's girlfriend. Too many problems. She still had her doubts, even for the bet they had. Would she really be willing to take Tomoe away from Ichiko? Even for a day? Maybe not.


Maybe she was deceiving herself.

Advantage Kihara. Pull yourself together Ryouko...

No, she wasn't.


She still loved Ichiko. Her hair, the way the wore her glasses, the way she spoke, her little quirks, everything.

Advantage Iseshima.

She also loved Tomoe. The clumsiness, the cluelessness, the athleticism, how she cared, her long flowing hair (it was good contrast to Ichiko), the way her lips felt.

Game, set and match.

The team converged on Ryouko, everyone congratulating her, but Ryouko had one thing on her mind. No, not the bet. That was long gone. No more. She weaved through her teammates and went over to Tomoe, who was sitting by herself on the bench. Ryouko dragged Tomoe up to the bleachers up to Ichiko, who was just as surprised as Tomoe.



"Do we have to stay like this? Hating each other?"

"I don't hate you, Ryouko."

"I don't hate you either."

Tomoe hugged both of them. It didn't matter if anyone saw or heard them now.

"I love you both."

Ichiko cried. Ryouko was trying to hold back tears. It didn't fit her image.

"I'm still in love with you Ichiko."

Ichiko nodded and brought the taller girl's face down, until their lips met. Tomoe looked around at the crowd. Oh, maybe it did matter if people saw. Kaori wouldn't ever let go of this one.