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The story of the Playboy and the Naive girl.

One: New Beginnings

"...In behalf of Oceania Academy's teachers and governors, we would like to congratulate the class of 2009. You have finally completed your high school life, and now that you are set to face the real world, we believe that you will do your best to contribute to this developing world and we want you to know that we are so proud of you, very well done to all of you and again, congratulations!" Principal Brown made his speech and everyone clapped when he finished, not because his speech was amazing and fulfilling; it was because it was so dull and long and they were glad that it was over.

The graduates all hugged and kissed each other after they threw their graduation hats in the air. A victory song played in the background as the graduates started to leave their seats to greet their proud parents. One person who stayed behind, carrying a fake smile was none other than Lucas Philips, he didn't bother looking for his parents because he knew that they did not bother to come.

"Dude, let's go!" his best friend, Tristan Zhou patted his back and motioned for them to join his parents. Lucas merely nodded and followed his best friend.

Mr and Mrs Zhou hugged Tristan as if they would never let him go. Mrs. Zhou looked like she was about to cry. Tristan sent Lucas a look that said he needed help. Lucas only shrugged and chuckled but deep down, he felt slightly jealous that his parents were not there to see him graduate.

"Mother! Get off me!" Tristan protested, Cassandra Zhou turned to Lucas and hugged him too, Tristan chuckled this time. Since his parents weren't always home, he spent most times in Zhou's mansion, in there he had his own room. Cassandra had become his second mother.

Cassandra was the opposite of his mother, she was the caring and very disciplined woman, very beautiful woman as she was Miss Universe during her time; people were surprise to know, Cassandra wasn't the type who would spend a fortune trying to look young and beautiful. At the age of fifty, she looked twenty years younger but still motherly. With a perfect mother like Cassandra, Lucas often wondered how Tristan became so disrespectful of women.

"I can not believe your parents are not here to see you graduate," Cassandra said to him, her voice was sympathetic. Lucas eyes' darkened, he didn't want to talk about his parents.

Tristan felt his discomfort and decided to change the subject, "Let's go find Nathan and River and the girls," Tristan said, Lucas gave him a grateful look which he replied with a nod.

They fought through the crowd, stretching their necks over people's head to look for the their friends. They found the James and Herreras together, Samantha Herrera and Veronica James were happily taking pictures of Nathan and Calista together. They looked so proud of their children while the couple looked bored and kept rolling their eyes.

Nathan broke away from his girlfriend and patted Lucas' back as he happily congratulated him. Lucas only replied with a weak smile and a nod and then Calista turned to him and gave him a quick peek on the cheek.

Today was supposed to be one of the happiest days of his life, so why was he feeling miserable? He hated the sight of parents proudly hugging their children, he hated the fact that he had no where to go and no one to celebrate the occasion with. His parents didn't care enough about him to leave their high-flying jobs just for a single day to attend the most important day of his teenage life, shouldn't they be proud of him that he'd finally finished high school?

Midnight Levine and River Ambriosi soon joined the group, followed by Mimi Roberts, Ysabella Scott and Jayden Marcus along with their parents. The girls all looked very sophisticated and clean in their white dresses; the boys looked as if they had just graduated from the navy- they had to wear white suits. The girls hugged each other while the boys shook hands.

"Hey! Group Picture!" Samantha called out, waving her digital camera. The nine teenagers all posed for the camera. "Say cheese," Samantha told them before taking the picture.

All gave their best smile except for Lucas, who gave a fake one. He just wanted to go home. This graduation was the worse day, he was sulking and he didn't want that as it might affect his friends. They all looked so happy that they didn't notice his misery.

"Now, darlings. We should go, we have our reservations at Delicacy in thirty minutes," Veronica James said to her family and the Herreras. Ever since the issue with Nathan's grandmother five months ago, the Herreras and the James family had become so close that they spent almost every Saturdays together. The James would always invite the Herreras over for family dinner, the parents even acted as if Nathan and Calista were already married.

The mothers said their good byes to the other mothers. The fathers shook each other's hands, William James promised the other fathers a day out in his brand new 139 feet yacht. The Herreras and the James family got in the black stretched limo and left the school property.

The group started to leave with their families, the Ambriosis were flying off to Las Vegas, just River and his dad having a men's night out. Midnight and her new step-father and mother were off to another expensive restaurant to celebrate. The Zhous were jetting off to New York to visit Tristan's grandparents and to celebrate it with them.

He had no one to celebrate graduation day with. Sadly, he decided to leave. He excused himself from Jayden and his family, the Roberts and the Scotts and began to walk out of the school property. Leaving his brand new car behind, his parents bought him a brand new black Lamborghini as their graduation present but he hated it, it was just to compensate for their absence. He wanted his parents there. He decided to walk, he needed to think.

He grew up under the care of Diana, his nanny but she died of breast cancer when he was just twelve years old and he became independent. At the age of thirteen, he hated it when the limo came to pick him up every day after school, he'd rather walk home than get someone to do something for him. His parents were international jet-setters, they liked travelling a lot that Lucas only see them twice a year, his mother followed his father around the globe. Lucas was used to be alone.

He was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't notice a black SUV stopped in front of him.

"Lucas!" someone called, he looked up to see Mimi Roberts waving at him.

He raised an eyebrow and approached the car. "Hey," he greeted with a weak smile. He and Mimi became good friends since their best friends Nathan and Calista started going out. He considered Mimi as a trusted friend but sometimes, he found her a little bit annoying. She was the complete opposite of him, she was so dependent of her friends and her father.

"Why are you walking alone? Where's your car?" she asked, cheerfully.

"I left it in school," he answered and shrugged.

Mimi observed him, her blue green eyes made him feel uncomfortable as they looked into his own. "Get in the car," she ordered,

"No thanks. I'm good,"

"Lucas, get in the car," she said, Lucas only shook his head and began to walk away from the car. A second later, he heard the car door opened and closed and Mimi's footsteps behind him. "I'll drag you if you don't," she said,

He turned to her with a sigh, "Look, Mimi- I just want to be alone for a while, ok?" he told her, Mimi didn't seem to understand. She grabbed his wrist and pulled her towards him. He was strong enough to break free from her- he did it, aggressively. She turned around and pouted at him. "Look, Are you fucking deaf or something? When I say I want to be alone, just leave me be, ok?" he snapped, angrily.

Mimi's youthful blue green eyes widened and her mouth opened. "I...I was just trying to help," she said, quietly. She began to walk back to her car, with one glance she said, "Call me if you need someone to talk to," she said it so sweetly that it really annoyed Lucas. She opened the passenger seat of her car and drove away.

Lucas sighed and continued to walk away. Now, the question was where should he go and who with? Tristan was probably on his way to New York to celebrate his grandparents and River was lucky enough to have his dad with him on his graduation night. And Jayden? Jayden was probably enjoying his dinner party with his family and he did not want to interrupt, after all he and Jayden weren't that close anyway and he also didn't want to be labelled as Jayden's latest 'boyfriend'. There was no one for him at the moment. Calista and Nathan were apparently going to Paris after dinner with their parents and they'd be back after two days.

Lucky for some, he thought miserably.

He decided to head home; he cursed when he realised he didn't know how. His house was twenty minutes away but he could not be bothered to go back to school just to get his car and he had no clue how to get on a public transport seeing as his entire life he'd used their family chauffeur, he looked ridiculous and sad in his graduation suit; people around him were probably wondering if he was a lost navy or a sad boy who didn't have anyone to celebrate his graduation day. He caught sight of an empty bus shelter and sat there.

Summer had just began and today was a fairly hot day, his white jacket was making him sweat so he took it off. He began to ponder about his messed up family as he sat on the empty shelter, thought about his non-existence love life and why nobody cared about him. After waiting for the bus for almost an hour, he finally gave up waiting and took out his blackberry.


"Oh my Gosh, daddy! Are you sure?" Mimi asked, joyfully. She was like a kid on Christmas day, having received the very present she asked and meeting Santa Claus.

Maximilian Robert, a forty-eight years old film director only laughed and hugged his daughter. Mimi had been asking him since Junior year to let her study Fashion Designing in Paris but he told her that she wasn't allowed so she had applied to University Of Paris without telling him, he just didn't want his daughter to be so far away from him, he loved having her happy disposition around; she was the very reason why he hadn't touch alcohol for years. When Mimi received a letter from UP, he realised he had to let her go.

It would be hard letting her go but looking at her assured him that his decision was right. He nodded at his little girl and kissed her forehead, "Be a good girl, OK? You've impressed me with your school grades and your outstanding curriculum, so I thought that you deserved to go," He grinned, "It'll be hard for me but I believe in you. However, I still cannot believe how grown up you've become!" he said, dramatically.

Mimi giggled, "Daddy, don't cry now. Save the tears for your next Oscar speech, I'll be fine and I'm so happy that you've finally agreed!" she gave him another warm hug.

The old man chuckled. The father-daughter moment was interrupted by Mimi's step-mother, Jennifer Cruise-Roberts, a former supermodel turned socialite who had been married to Mimi's father for three years now and also Mimi's manager. Jennifer looked pretty happy as she entered the Roberts' spacious living room, she was carrying one of her many phones.

"Mimi! Guess what?" she asked, happily.

Mimi raised her eyebrow curiously. "I don't know, what?"

"Revlon called, they've seen your ads, they are very impressed and wants you to be their face for five years! You will be replacing Kate Moss, my love." she said, excitedly.

Mimi grinned "Oh my Gosh! Really?"

"Yup! They want you to sign a five year contract with them tomorrow," she told her.

Mimi happily hugged her. Today was probably the happiest day of her life, she had finally finished high school, her father finally letting her go to Paris and a five year contract with Revlon make-up. She was feeling lucky.

She'd almost forgotten about Lucas, she'd been worrying about him ever since she left him in the street, she could not forget the sad look in his eyes and she knew the reason why Lucas was miserable. His parents were to blame, they didn't even bother attending their only son's graduation day.

She pitied him, no wonder he turned out to be a rebel. She didn't know Lucas that well but she'd been hanging out with him quite a lot ever since Nathan and Calista got together six months ago and he turned out to be sweet and very understanding, sometimes a little immature when he was with Tristan and with Jake but that made him into quite an interesting person. She was impressed with him when Nathan and Calista were having troubles in their relationship and Lucas worked very hard to help the couple get back together, it showed his loyal and caring side. She knew that the flirting and the messing around with random girls each week were only a cover up to the real Lucas- a lonely boy.

She knew it wasn't her business but Lucas was one of her closest friends, she didn't want to think about him being alone on his graduation day. He would do the same if she was in his situation anyway. Though, she was slightly upset that he shouted at her.

"Now, dinner will be serve in thirty minutes. What shall we do then?" Jennifer asked, smiling. Mimi only shrugged.

Her phone suddenly beeped. One glance on the screen and seeing his name made her smile; she'd won, she was sure that he was going to call. She excused herself from her father and step-mother to answer the phone.

"Pick me up from the bus shelter near King George's park,"

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