Seventeen: Growing Up

"So that's two of them married. Should I start practicing my best man speech now?" Tristan grinned, Lucas shook his head and chuckled.

It had been two months since he last visited Mimi in Paris and he missed her terrible. She'd told him not to visit her for a while as she was too busy preparing for Paris' annual fashion week; she was hand-picked by Chanel to model this season's finale dress. Lucas accepted her decision unhappily though he understood her and promised that he would support her until the end.

They'd been dating for eight months already, their relationship was as hard as a rock but there had been times when they fought over the lack of time they spent together but it was normal in relationships. There were also times when Lucas was tempted to ask some girls from his university out for a date. But just the thought of kissing other girls disgusted him, he could never cheat on Mimi.

"You should," Lucas replied, playing a long and then his smiled turned into teasing, "Any progress with Ysabella?" he asked, smirking.

It had been a shock for everyone when Tristan and Ysabella confessed that they slept together the first week of their university life.

Tristan glared at his best friend, "I cannot stand that woman,"

Lucas grinned, "Why so?"

"I don't get her, you know? She seduced me, left me hanging and a week later she found a loser to replace me. I felt so used," he complained, Lucas only chuckled.

It was obvious to him that his best friend was on denial, he'd been there before and he knew what denial looked like however, Tristan's case was slightly different from what he and Mimi went through. Tristan was falling for Ysabella who merely used him to complete her summer goal.

"Can't do anything about it," Lucas answered,

"Dude, do you have any news on Midnight? River's asking," Tristan asked, slightly worried for their gal pal. He also wanted to change the subject.

River and Midnight broke up the day River left for Greece to marry the daughter of his father's business rival. With a broken heart, Midnight ran away cutting off any communication with River's three best friends, she made her girl best friends swear not to tell them where she was.

Lucas noded, "I bumped into her in Paris last time I went there. We had a quick coffee, she told me she's on a gap year, travelling around the world and looking for inspiration," Lucas told him, though it was obvious to the two men that Midnight was trying to mend her broken heart.

The boys felt sorry for her, even Nathan. But they couldn't do anything about it. The Ambriosi oil company was going bankrupt due to River's father's addiction to gambling therefore River had to marry the rival's daughter as one of the conditions that would help the Ambriosi's business. Nathan even asked his father to help with Ambriosi's business but the help was too late; the Ambriosis and the rival company already sealed the deal.

Tristan just shrugged, "She'll eventually get over him. We can't do anything about that now, what's done is done,"

"It won't be easy for Midnight but I believe in her,"

Tristan smiled weakly; they'd gone through so much shit together since grade school. Already eight months into university but he was still trying to get used to not having his guys around. Ysabella was the only person who reminded him of home but now the girl had a boyfriend and he, Tristan Zhou, was homesick.

He was glad that Lucas came to visit.

Both their phones beeped and a second later, they heard a familiar scream from the hallway. Forgetting about the text messages they received, the boys looked at each other and rushed outside to investigate.

Tristan immediately ran to the door after realising that the endangered girl could be Ysabella who happened to live across the hall from him.

Her apartment door was open so the two guys rushed inside to make sure she was OK. They found her in her room, packing. She looked excited and worried at the same time.

"What's wrong, Ysa?" Lucas asked,

Ysabella was surprised to see him. "Lucas you're here. Thank goodness, we need to get to New York, quick! We need a plane,"

Lucas wrinkled his forehead, "huh?"

"Calista's in labour! Come on," after hearing the news, the guys rejoiced and rushed back to Tristan's apartment to gather their belongings. In less than five minutes, they were ready to leave for the airport.


Baby Nicolas William James was born. And he reunited the whole group for the first time since Nathan and Calista's wedding day. Mimi and Midnight flew all the way from Europe to celebrate their friend's first birth. Even River arrived from Athens a few hours later. Everyone's excitement over the newborn baby overshadowed the awkwardness between the ex-lovers, Midnight and River.

They stood around Calista's bed and admiring the baby. Both parents looked tired yet proud as Calista held her baby in her arms.

"Aww, he's so adorable!" Mimi cooed, Lucas wrapped his arms around her and grinned.

"What will he be, do you think? A bad boy or a music genius?" Jayden joked, they all shrugged.

"He's Oceania Academy's royal couple's legacy. He's going to rule Oceania Academy in eighteen years, no doubt about that." Ysabella joked, playing with the baby's little hands.

"Yeah, him and my little brother Cade" Lucas told them, missing his two months-old baby brother Cade. They all agreed. "They'd be the next mischiefs of Oceania Academy,"

They admired the baby boy for another few minutes until Calista yawned and Nathan kicked their friends out of the private room so that his wife could have some rest.

River was the first to go, saying he needed to fly back to Athens for an important business meeting, although it was obvious that he didn't want to; he kept looking apologetically at Midnight who acted like she didn't know him at all. He promised to come back in a few days.

Tristan, Ysabella, Jayden and Midnight decided to eat dinner outside while Lucas and Mimi went back to Lucas' hotel room to catch up. Mimi was to go back Paris the following day so it was important for them to spend time together.

In Lucas' hotel suite, the couple talked about their disbelief over their friend's baby while eating their room service food; they caught up with each other. Mimi was lucky to get out of her busy schedule to come to New York, her step-mother Jennifer finally gave her a day off from her busy photoshoots and catwalk practices for Paris' Fashion Week. However, she must come back to Paris the day after so she and Lucas decided to make the most of their time together.

"Lucas," Mimi took his hand and squeezed it, she looked deep into his eyes. "Be honest with me, aren't you a bit tired of this long distance relationship?"

Lucas stared at her, Mimi wasn't thinking of breaking up with him now, was she? Because he wouldn't know what to do if she did that. His world revolved around her and it would just stop if she ever leave him. He shook his head, "It is pretty tiring but we've managed for eight months, haven't we? This is my greatest achievement, Mi and if anything happened to us; I honestly wouldn't know what to do. Are you tired of this?"

Mimi shook her head, "No, never! I miss you all the time and I guess this long distance thing is what makes our relationship stable. We have so much trust in each other,"

Lucas grinned, "If I remember correctly, you said you don't trust me when it comes to relationship. I hope that changed,"

Mimi stroke his arm, "Of course it has, I trust you completely with my life," she smiled,

He chuckled, "I think that's enough cheese for you today," he teased and she pouted at him. He only answered her with a passionate kiss.

"Maybe next year I'll come back here for good, I can't bear to be away from you," she stroke his chin.

"You've tamed me, you know. You have my heart,"

Mimi giggled, "That's enough cheese for you too," taking all the cheese from his plate.

He looked at her seriously, "I'm serious,"

"So was I," she answered with a grin. "I love you,"

"I love you too Mimi," he smiled, "You and your friends haven't done any witchy activity on us, have you?" he asked,

Mimi raised an eyebrow, "Huh?"

"I mean, first Nathan fell in love with Calista and then River with Midnight and then me with you, next is Tristan with Ysabella. You girls haven't put love spell on us or anything, right?"

Mimi laughed, "Baby, you make me laugh... of course not, we don't need the spells. We have our charms and brains," she kissed him,

"True," Lucas began to kiss his way down her neck, "So... what are we going to do with Tristan and Ysabella? I want to put my best friend out of his misery,"

"Hmm, let's talk about that after we do this..." she said, seductively as she led him to the bedroom.


Done! Finish! Finito!

Not quite.

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