A/N December 2012: Written back in 2009 for a boy I once spent every night with. I've long since grown out of the feeling of having him there but I do still miss the feel of a body next to mine as I fall asleep. I actually enjoy the feel of this poem and I hope you enjoy it too.

A/N February 2009: Basically, this is one of the few nights I've had to spend the night away from my boyfriend. I happen to be sick, and every time I can't fall asleep with him by my side, it's nearly impossible for me to fall asleep at all. I wrote this because I am lonely and the house has been making weird noises. To be honest, I am still somewhat afraid of the dark and the eerie feel to the night from the pelting rain is not helping, even at my ripe age of eighteen. Anyway, enjoy my poem written out of fear less than two hours ago. Hopefully, I can try and sleep soon. For that to work, I need to exhaust my eyes. Hence, the staying on the computer. Lol.

Sleeping Alone

All alone in the dark.

Frightened, alone.

The house makes noises,

vibrations of a phone.

Every noise causes a jump

in the heart of the fearful

First time sleeping solo,

the night, may be tearful.

Her eyes search the darkness.

Scared, pupils grown.

The night is creeping in,

seeping through to the bone.

Too scared to go to sleep,

too scared to stay awake.

Her sickness makes her weak,

The rain makes her quake.

She misses her love,

he's at home and asleep.

Her body shudders quick,

solitude makes her weep.

She needs the heat,

that his body encapsulates.

The love and safety,

He holds in each embrace.

She curls into herself,

afraid and solitary.

The creaks of the house,

making her quite wary.

Exhaustion takes over,

her body goes to rest.

While her mind runs free,

hoping, for the best.