Hey guys! I got the idea for this story when I looked out my window at the woods behind my woods and saw the trees all dark and the snow white and how awesome it would be if all of a sudden a creature started walking across the swamp in the woods. The ending is a perfect ending for Valentines Day. I hope you enjoy my little story!

The Trees

I looked out my bedroom window and looked out at the still yet terrifying land laid out before me. The woods stretched out for miles before me, showing as a dense impenetrable realm, but the gibbous moon was out and alight, bathing the world in a silver beauty. The moon's light shone through the tree trunks casting them as dark silent marching soldiers. The snow shone pale against the trunks but was still dirty enough to appear an unholy white. The bird feeder creaked on the branch in an unseen wind, which made me shiver.

I never wanted the room facing the woods, but my parents just told me to suck it up and to live with it. My older brother laughed at me and called me a scaredy-cat. My younger brother offered to take the room but my parents told him that I should learn to face my fears.

There was always something dark and ominous about the trees like they were hiding some sinister secret. That was why I didn't want to move there. I didn't like the trees. When my parents asked me why I didn't like the place and after I told them they laughed at me and asked, "That's all? You don't like the trees?"

Next thing I knew I was unpacking my belongings in the only bedroom with a window facing the trees.

My parents kept telling me why the house was perfect for us. There were enough rooms for each of us to have a bedroom. It was in a good school district. It was within a mile of my mom and dad's workplace. Plus, our grandmother lived close by so we could keep a close eye on her. They rambled on and on and I nodded my head but when they paused I would say, "But the trees." They would get all mad with me and send me to my room. The room with the view of the trees.

I shut my eyes and told myself there was nothing to worry about. Trees are trees. Trees can't hurt you. Trees can't do anything. I took a few calming breaths before opening my eyes again and making a soft gasp.

There was something out there.

There was something in the woods.

My eyes, I could feel, grew as wide as saucers and my mouth quivered as I saw something move between the trees. I couldn't see much, but about fifty yards away there was a dark shape flitting between the trees. It looked like it was moving parallel to the house, so it wasn't coming towards me, yet. I quickly ducked my head until my eyes were peering over the windowsill. The thing stopped moving and seemed to hesitate for a moment before changing its direction and slowly making its way towards the house. I stopped breathing as it started to pick up speed and something like wings billowed behind it.

As it came closer I could make out a large bulbous head with pale eyes that had a shine to them. It had green skin that looked flaky and dry in places and smooth and shiny in others. It had a large nose that looked a bit beak-ish. It had a lipless mouth with rows of stark white teeth. Then its hair was pale white with a single streak of black through the middle, which for some reason made me think of the trees against the snow. Its arms were long and looked like they might drag on the ground if the legs on it weren't as long as well.

I started quivering as it slowed down at the edge of the clearing of the backyard. It looked around lifting its nose and sniffing the air until it gave an unpleasant smile and looked straight in my direction. I gave another gasp as it stepped into the clearing and slowly made its way to me.

I thought about turning around and running to shelter but something about it made me think that nothing could hide me from it. I thought of screaming but I couldn't get a sound out. I was frozen to the floor and voiceless as it came up to the window.

It smiled down at me and lifted its right hand, but it didn't have a right hand. At the end of its arm it had a golden paw. A lion's paw.

"Open the window, Rebecca." I just stared at it. "Open the window."

When I didn't move, it laid its paw on the window and it passed through the glass. Finally, I was able to move and I fell backwards crawling back towards the wall as it stepped through the glass and into my room. It looked around before looking down at me again.

"Come with me Rebecca."

I silently shook my head hoping that soon that I might be able to speak, to yell to do anything to alert my family about this monster in the house.

"If you won't come willingly," it said with another horrible smile, "then I guess I'll just have to take you!" Then with that last statement it lunged at me with its horrible scaly arms outstretched towards me and the last thing I saw was the malicious glint in its eyes and its leathery wings enveloping me in total darkness.

I was wrong about the trees.


Now I sit in this filthy wet cave with no one for company but the creature that took me and all its offspring we have had. I better hurry. They're getting hungry and we've run out of fresh meat.

Please, oh, plaese tell me what you think. I would really like to know what you think about the last two sentances. What do you think it means? I would really, really like to know.


Brigit Potter