I wrote this last Halloween when I was in my H.P. Lovecraft craze. [Still am. ;)] I had gotten a feel of his writting technique and wanted to try it out though I'm very far from his style but I think it is rather good. I hope you enjoy!

A Secret Garden

I don't know how this place came to be but it shouldn't be here. It seems too strange to be of this earth like a piece of another planet had broken off and landed on the face of this planet with an evil content.

I found it on one of my walks through the woods near my house. I'm the only one on a long lane that winds through a dense wood. There are other houses but all are abounded by the looks of it. I've never seen a friendly light shine from the windows but the dark brooding structures just yawn with a sinister shadow. The yards are a tangle of dead weeds that had choked each other to extinction.

It was the cheapest place I could afford since I had just made my way through school. I was an English major and was planning on writing a novel about the Salem witch trials. I was told not to buy the house because of the legends that surrounded the lane but I didn't heed the locals. I wish I had now.

I was walking through the bleak gloom of the woods with my dog Shep when he started to bark at something. I asked what was the matter but he just took off barking in some unknown direction. I cried to him to come back but his barking was starting to grow fainter already. I picked up my hazel walking stick and ran after him keeping a hand on my hat to keep it on my head. Then his bark abruptly stopped mid-yelp and I grew panicked. I quickened my pace towards the direction he had been until I noticed a large shadow looming up in front of me suddenly. I stopped and looked up at the obstacle that blocked my path.

It seemed like a hedge of some sort that had been let to grow. It stood a good fifty-five feet or so and looked like no plant I've ever seen. It had dark berries that looked like they would be extremely bitter if placed on the tongue. And the leaves were a dark gray but felt healthy enough to me. I looked to my left and right and it looked like it stretched on forever.

I thought I heard a whimper on the other side of the hedge and called out my companion's name and I heard a whine from him and some rustling. I looked at the hedge trying to think of a way to get in but he must have gotten in some way but I probably wouldn't be able to fit. I started going to the right hoping to find some opening but there was nothing so I went the other way. Finally I found a hole big enough in the branched for me to fit through. I didn't even wonder why there was some random hole in this ancient hedge. I now wish I hadn't went through that cursed hedge but I went through hoping to find Shep.

I stepped into a garden of some sorts but it looked rather different from any garden I've seen. Of course I took into mind that it was most likely abandoned because no one else that I knew of lived this way. There were a bunch of queer looking plants with unknown flowers and berries. Everything was tangled into one mass so you could hardly tell where one plant ended and another began. Most of the plants were dark gray or dark green and there was a foul smell on the air. But what caught my eye was that there seemed to be bones under the matted plants. There were small and large animals including a bear skeleton. I shivered not wanting to know what happened to the animals. Whether they died from eating the plants or something else I would rather just get my dog and leave this place.

I called to Shep but got no reply. I slowly started to move around the large garden looking under the tangle of plants for him hiding somewhere but couldn't see him. I kept calling and I thought once I heard his whine but there was nothing there. Eventually I was about to give up when I saw a movement in the farthest corner of the garden and I jogged over there hoping to find canine friend.

I found him all right. He was dead and it looked like something had been chewing on him until I noticed that the plants were moving and that there were bits of muscle and flesh on the thorns of some vines and taking them away to some unknown source. I gave a cry of revulsion and the plants seemed to pause a moment before some more vines started to move toward my leg. I sprang away and started to run towards the way I had come from.

Vines from all over started to creep out trying to rip me and scar me but I quickly dodged them. As I was nearing the hole that was rustling as if in hoping to close it the plants started to throw the skeletons and corpses of its victims. Most of the skeletons broke up before they reached me and fell harmlessly to the ground but the ghastly still decaying corpses mostly found their mark. Dead flesh was thrown in my face and down my clothes but I ignored it but I couldn't ignore the fact that the vines were closing in.

Then I got a horrible shock with the next thing the garden of fiends threw at me. One second I was a few meters from the hole that was quickly closing then the next a human corpse was thrown at me. I screamed as it crashed into me and the rotten flesh on its face fell into my mouth and down my throat. I quickly spat it out and tried to entangle myself from it. Finally I threw it off and limping toward the hole. While I had indisposed a vine had gotten a hold of my ankle and had bitten deep into my flesh but I beat it off with my walking stick.

Now the hole was about half a meter wide when I gave a primeval yell and whacked at the evil hedge with my walking stick. It tried to close around my stick but I quickly shoved myself through not caring the scratches it gave me or that my clothes were ripped to shreds. I fell out of the hedge with a crash and half expected the vines to come through and finish me off but the hedge closed with a snap.

I opened my eyes, which I realized I must have shut and looked at the menacing hedge with horror. How that came to be there I have no theory but I would rather not know, ever. I mourn my faithful companion but I'm happy I made it through in mostly one piece. I did have to have my foot amputated because the vine had mostly severed it. It's a wonder I was able to stumble back to the village at all. I now use my trustworthy hazel walking stick as my cane and have moved far away from that lane. I now live with my puppy Shep in a little apartment above an old lady's garage.

I will never walk again in a wood as long as I live. Not even if someone paid me a thousand dollars would I go back to that secret garden. That garden should stay a secret and hope that no one else ever stumbles upon it. It should stay on a diet of small woodland creatures and leave humans alone. Well of course as long as we leave it alone.