Hey guys! I just wanted to let you kknow that I had written this for a fable contest I had entered just a week ago. Hopefully by February 27th I'll know if I had won or not for my category. Fingers crossed! Wish me luck!

The Marked

I raced through the dark woods trying to catch up with my mistress but she was always just ahead of me. I knew these woods well, so I didn't need the light she threw off but it did let me know where she was. This wasn't the best place to chase after her but this is where she always meets me. My muscles and tendons pulled loosening themselves to adjust to the fast lope I pounded out on the soft forest floor. The wind rustled my fur and I grinned a grin that some might think was comical. When I knew I was getting close to the clearing I threw back my head and howled.

I stopped abruptly at the edge of the clearing and watched with wonder at the scene before me. Even though I was well known of her looks from all the times we've met I couldn't help but gaze at her in wonder. She sat on a boulder like a throne with her head held high and looking up at the bright sky. There flowing behind her was a babbling stream with banks of fine pale sand. Her skin was as pale and white as ice and her hair was as long and flowing as a waterfall. She wore a dress of some white cloth that would flutter and shift by some unfelt wind. And she glowed; with as much radiance that she knew wouldn't harm my eyes and made the water and sand radiate with her brightness.

I gave a soft whine and her delightful voice whispered like the trees in a breeze, "Come closer little one."

I fell onto my belly and crawled until I was at her feet. I twisted myself around and bared my belly to her to show my obedience to her. She turned her light frosty blue-gray eyes onto me and smiled. I grinned up at her and sat up looking into her eyes.

She lightly touched the white mark on my head. It was the only part of me that wasn't black. I am a glossy black from the tip of my nose to the tip of my tail except of the white spot on my head. It was the Mark of the Moon Goddess given to me when I was born. And for my whole life I've belonged to her.

"You need to forgive and forget little one."

I gazed at her with a confused look in my eyes wondering what she was telling me. To tell her my confusion I cocked my head to the side and gave a whimper.

"I know what happened between your sister and you."

I gave a low growl at the thought but soon stopped when she looked at me sternly. I hung my head with shame and she continued.

"I know you cared deeply for Nanuk but there is another for you." She smiled a delightful smile that showed off her perfect square teeth that were as bright as fish scales. "I promise you as long as I remain the protector of the moon." She patted my head. "Soon enough you will meet the Alpha of your love."

I looked up at her earnestly as she stood up and prepared to leave. I whined at her going. I never wanted her to leave when she departed. I always feel deserted and empty when her radiance fades away. She smiled at me again and touched the Mark.

"Remember, I'll always be with you little one. Try to forgive and forget about Nanuk. He isn't the one for you. Trust me. You'll meet your mate before I meet with you again."

I whined in confusion. I couldn't believe she just wanted me to forgive and forget about what my sister had done. She had taken Nanuk, the male I was smitten with, when she knew I was taken with him and the betrayal still stung. It took all that I had not to challenge her for the right to espouse with him though she is stronger than me. So I ran into the woods until my mistress had showed up and I followed her to the clearing.

"It is alright to be confused little one. But your sister is your sister. You must learn to forgive her and forget whatever injustice you think she may have done against you. Family is sacred and important. Do not give up the relationship you have with your sister. She is destined to be with Nanuk while you are destined to be with someone else."

She gave a delicate wave before starting to fade and turning into a cluster of silver-white light that stirred on a sudden breeze where there hadn't been one and gliding off over the trees into the sky and back to the Moon Palace.

I gave a woof in farewell before with my tail between my legs I walked to the edge of the clearing. My ears perked up at the sound of an unfamiliar howl that sounded very male. I gave a grin before dashing off into the woods looking for the new wolf in our woodland.

As I loped off I heard a twinkling laugh in my ear and when I looked up through the branches of the trees I saw a beam of moonlight guiding my way. I gave a howl of delight and ran faster hoping to meet my Alpha.

My Art teacher told me I should probably make a series out of this. What do you think? Do you think I should? I would like to know what you think of the idea.


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