The Traveler

By: Bridgette Potter

I followed the beam of moonlight through the forest not caring where it took me because I knew my Mistress would make sure no harm came upon me. I howled in pleasure at the chase and nearby I heard a howl answer my call. The light veered to the right and I burst through the foliage of a clearing I hadn't even realized was there. I stopped and looked at what was before me with my head cocked to the side in interest.

In front of me there was a white wolf giving himself a dirt bath. His coat was turning red from the dust and he seemed oblivious of my standing there. I gave a yip trying to get his attention and he stopped mid-roll. He got up and shook his fur creating a haze of red around him that seemed to stay in place like a personal scrap of fog. That was when I noticed that he was all white except on his forehead was a black spot that reminded me of something but I couldn't quite remember what. He had warm golden eyes that studied me as I studied him.

"Who are you?" I asked as I sat down in the dust.

"I'm a traveler."

"You mean a rouge?"

He shook his head creating a hole in his red haze. "No, I'm a traveler."

"What is the difference?"

"A rouge looks for a pack to make into his own. I am looking for a specific female."

"Well, maybe I can help you. But when I do, you must promise to leave our lands. Did you not smell our scent at the edge of our domain?"

He nodded his head in aggrement and in answer to my question. "I did, but my Queen told me to keep going, that my traveling was almost done."

I shifted slightly. This rouge in our domain had deliberately crossed our boundaries. I wasn't sure if I would be able to fight him off it came down to it but I could always try. First I would see if I could help him. I doubted I would be able to help him though, since there was only my sister and I in our pack and I hardly knew any of the females of any of the surrounding territories.

"Tell me what you know of the female you're looking for."

"I've been told that she is black, as black as a raven's wing with blue eyes like the rumbling waterfall."

That sounded nothing like my sister who was a sandy color with green eyes. And all the other females I knew where gray or brown. I became conscious of him looking me over again and I watched him to see what his purpose was for studying me.

"She also has a white Mark on her forehead like the moon."

I looked into his eyes and saw that he realized that he had found who he was looking for. Then I realized how the mark on him looked familiar. It was completely identical to my Mark.

"Who told you what I look like?"

"My Queen."

"And who is your queen? The Alpha female of your pack?"

"No, little one. I am," said the twinkling voice beside my ear. I gave a start before looking beside me and seeing my Mistress standing beside me. She looked just the same as she had appeared earlier that night. "I told you, you would meet your mate before I met you again."

I looked back at the wolf across the clearing and saw him laying on his back baring his stomach to her. His eyes were closed and he panted with a smile on his face much like a tame dog. This was to be my mate? I didn't even know his name.

I looked back to my Mistress and saw her laughing and saying, "You may get up, my strong one. There is no need for that."

He quickly sat up and stared at her adoringly like a pup to his mother waiting for a scrap of choice meat.

She smiled at both of us before beckoning him to come closer and he came over to sit next to me. I could smell the dry earth from his coat and a heavy musty odor that got me excited. I could sense some restlessness in him too, as he sat next to me but because he was near her or me, I didn't know.

She smiled down at both of us for a moment and I gave a yap of delight. Oh how I enjoyed her smiles! They were as bright as the sun at its highest point in the sky and caused just as much warmth coursing through my body.

"I know both of you have had tough times in the affection ways of your packs but there is a reason none of them worked out. As each of you were born I knew you and I wanted to do everything I could do to help you. That is why I had you travel so far, my little strong one." She looked pointedly to him. "I knew who was right for you since I had created her for you."

Then she looked down at me and I could feel her blue-gray eyes piercing into my soul searching for something and I guess she must have found it because she gave another smile before continuing. "I told you it wouldn't be long before you meet your mate. Just as I had created you for him, I had created him for you. I created both of you for each other." Now she included him in her smile. "You two belong to each other. All it took was time, patience and a few needed lessons. Look at each other."

We looked at each other and I couldn't help but see the warmth and kindness swimming in those golden pools of light. I could feel an uncontrollable emotion swelling deep down in my self as I stared into those shining pools.

I guess he saw something he liked because he smiled and sniffed my face gently. I sniffed him and I could feel the excitement again. I smiled and gave a yelp of delight. We both stood up and started to dance around each other sniffing and yapping. I heard my Mistress laughing but when I looked all I saw was a patch of moonlight where she had stood.

I started to chase him around the clearing until he led me into the woods and into a chase through the woods, streams, mountains and endless time.

"What's you name?" I called to him as he threw back his head once and howled.

"Meska," he called over his shoulder as he leaped over a rock. "What's yours?"

"Nasha," I said, "My name's Nasha."