A/N—I wanted to do something a little different. I hope you like it!


The world turns slowly, catching what sunlight it can.

Life goes forward, as normally as it can.

Lies are made, as surely as the speaker can say them.

Promises are broken, as shattered as the person becomes.

You feel the rotation.

You can sense the truth of this.

But what we make of it,

Is how we shape our outcome.

We see the blatancy of this

And how we participate.

Our lives are in a balance

Precariously set in time.

Our worlds turn slowly

Individually and separately.

Our lives go on

Turns in the road only seen from a few steps ahead.

Lies flow from our lips

Just to see how long they last.

The promises we vowed to keep

Are broken like our hearts.

The rotation is felt

The truth is as well

As we go on

In the path of our worlds.

We make what we can

In the paths shown

And choose which way is best.

Our outcome is in our minds

Catching what sunlight it can

To grow.