His eyes were bright as crimson,

Like glowing pools of blood.

I felt like I was drowning

Because my heart was blind with love.

That body as strong as steel,

And skin as white as snow,

Though lips as soft as feathers

Gave him that radiant glow.

If but one thing I've noticed

Was his heart was full of evil,

But to me it didn't matter

Since it all felt so unreal.

And one day he finally killed me,

He drank my blood with passion.

If but one thing I noticed

Was that his feelings were finally crashin'.

I found out that he loved me,

But he just could not admit it.

He said I was an angel,

And we were both too different.

As I saw him sit there crying,

He asked me just one thing:

"I wanted to say 'I love you'", he said,

"But for me could you just sing?"

And so I lay there dying,

My voice was almost gone,

I'll wait for him forever

As I sing my final song.