i want to yell off the highest point i can find.
i want to tell you what you are to me.
only, if the words i screamed found your mind,
i'd hide down low in the deepest sea.

i would tell you i loved you, theoretically.

for a brave person i must admit though,
i'm just a coward hiding in the lion's clothes.

shy? me? no, never.
i'm petrified of that look of rejected.
but if i don't say a thing i'll be stuck
in this state of feeling dejected.

from the cliff tops i can hear an echo of words
dancing from wall to wall like whispering birds.
getting quieter but leaving a message,
written all over my face.

i can hear the footsteps of your canvas shoes,
my mouth is empty, my words were spoken.
i was prepared and ready to be broken,
but your reaction was suprisingly,
seeing as i was ready to hide in the sea.

instead you stood and smiled at me.