Once upon a time
I used to fall
in love,
- long ago
when the world was
bite sized
and it sounded so easy:
one kiss, one waltz,
one slipper.
A soul
whored out to Disney
by demonic brothers
and lonely old men.
Guilty conscious
whipped clear;
a heart on the sleeve
is never worth
two in the bush.
The value of secrets
is never freely given,
the price of truth
depends on the lie.
Poetic accounting.
I could love you,
but I won't.
You're teaching me,
moulding me
not to.
The world reaches
farther than
the palm of your hand;
all callused and weathered.
Seasons, no more than seasons.
And the ending
was never guaranteed.
Tread lightly
and don't ruffle the leaves.
Midnight pumpkins
never keep their shape.
Falling was easy,
before you had
to land.