Easier to hear.
duty faked your way
between the sheets;
and white thighs
both were always laid bare
for you. Wasted energy.
Every inch yours;
offered and claimed and marked.
The girl that used to be
ceases to be:
Read as murder or mercy killing
the perfect arrangement,
more than this, less than that.
In heart strung purgatory,
ensnarled by her own devices
- desires dirty tricks.
Ache to remember,
always aching to forget
You; the means, medium and cause.
That beautiful misdirection,
misguided and lost. Wasted energy.
Every ounce given.
The whole sum for parts.
A heart still raw for you,
wrapped in truth stained sheets
and crystal slivered memories.
Wasted energy, as easy as breathing.
Value held on one side;
celebrated, cherished, adored
the girl that used to be.
The girl that wished to be.
Wisdom is wasted on the experienced,
a virgins only offering, burned.
Still sorting though the ashes.
Never the easiest to believe.