I shall express my apology with this poem – the best way I know how.


Sorrowfully and desperately, I try to reach out

These little hands that dirtied itself – an endless count

How sorry I am for doing what I have done and did

But I know the time spent in silence was my bad bid

. .

The days go by like the death-carrying wind

How bold of me, you ask, I stayed like I did?

It was not of folly, whim or did I just make a whiff

It was of regret, sadness, desperation and grief

. .

I know it is not possible to obtain your due

But something in my heart says I need something new

My apology delayed due to my cowardly heart

This little time I had to think was my untimely start

. .

And now, you say that I am not worthy to be forgiven

I lost all hope at once and felt like I was smitten

Really, the times I spent talking to you was priceless

It's enough that I can dream about it, but my life is a mess

. .

It is hard to be hated, I always knew that fact

For a start, I did not even want to even see that act

I just want the curtain to close on this ordeal

And let the failed actor disappear without an appeal

. .

Without further ado, I want to tell you this life

I want to apologize and express my strife

Surely, when you see me, you will scream

Anger, I know, I do not wish that scene

. .

You may think to yourself in unadulterated anger, "Why?"

Again, I tell you that I am at fault and will not pass this by

And again, it is always sad to be hated by someone

But again, I say that those little times we talked was very fun

. .

If you want me to, I can just disappear like a spark

Without any trace, I can return to the fearful dark

If you think it is best and that results would be good

By all means, tell me that - you know that you should

. .

My last words would be very pained, but still in my cheerful passage

So as not to anger you any more, I want to leave you a message

Precious as the pearl on that story – these chats we have in my memory

Even if we should part, that past will carve itself in my own history

. .

And so again I want to tell you that I'm very sorry

I know that is not enough to pay that enormous fee

I am selfish, but I am not insensitive as it may seem

What I just said was true, I'm sorry with all by being.