Melting flesh, crooked jaw

Reek of death
Magnetized on shredded cloth.
Eye sockets cradling rotten cherries,
Glaring at the

Human cashier, sighing,
"Not another zombie shopper."

Beep Beep
Zombie items crawl,
scanning for prices.
An impatient moan arises,
Hoarse with shredded vocal cords.

Human cashier, popping her gum,
"Will that be all, Undead?"

Cracking, crinkling bones crushing
As Zombie shakes his head.
Chipped calcium falling from
Mouth onto grocery conveyer

Human cashier, rolling her eyes,
"I said, will tha –"

Sentence unfinished, Zombie jaws clinging
On Human neck, blushing with
Rubicund tears, snap!
Zombie snack.
Feasting on Human cashier,

Human manager, walking, observing,
"We need a replacement here."

Oh herro...just something I wrote up in my Creative Writing class that I thought was cute. Please leave your feedback...yay! Thanks for reading.../bow