Adam, Landon, and I were in the "turning room" as we nicknamed it. Adam sat down in the chair and we bound him to it with black leather straps around his wrist and ankles. I stayed by his side as Landon readied for the transformation.

"Are you ready, love?" I asked Adam, clutching his hand in fear. Landon was ready to drain his blood and replace it with ours. It was a painful process that lasted at least a couple of months to complete, depending on the human being changed. Thinking about the whole thing and the nasty side effects made me tighten my grip on his hand. Landon stood to the side, waiting for my command. I found it very appealing and saddening that my love wanted to be my mate and companion for my immortal life. I was sadden by his decision to change because he had to sacrifice his family, not that he had a loving family to begin with, to be with me.

"Yeah. Let's do it," he responded. He was abnormally calm for a human being change into an immortal creature of the night.

"You have to be certain about it. Once it starts, there is no going back," I said, looking into his face, looking for any fear or some type of emotion to tell me to stop this horrible fate that he choose.

"I'm ready. I want to be with you...for eternity," he said with love in his voice. I flushed at his statement and sighed in content and closed my eyes. I was ready to be with him forever, too. I opened my eyes at looked at him.

"Untie one of my wrists for a sec, would you?" he requested.I did what he asked. Immediately upon being released, he reached up with his free hand and tucked a lock of my black hair behind my ear. Sighing as he cupped my cheek, our eyes met. He knew then that it was time with the expression on my face as I looked at Landon. Re-tying his wrist back to the chair, I glanced over at Landon and nodded to him to begin the process that would change our lives forever.

"Do it," I announced, laying a kiss on Adam's lips. I looked at the cross on the wall and prayed that my love would come out of this safely.

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