Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Before you read this story I would like you to know that it means a lot to me. I have tried to write this story numerous times over, and I believe that this time I have come the closest to how I want it to be. The world and characters have been in my head for so long that I know they are eventually going to explode and come out as something very, very big, but it the meantime I need practice.

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Although this story is written from a female perspective for the most part, it does contain malexmale relationships. If you aren't open-minded enough (or, dare I say it, too homophobic) to accept that, then I don't think you should read the story. As well as malexmalerelationships it does also contain femalexfemale and malexfemale relationships, so, hey! There's something for everyone!

There will be strong language, themes of a sexual nature (I sound like a video announcer) and drug use. Oh, and vampires but I left that until the end because people tend to think 'Ew, cliques!' And run away. Please don't press the back button :(

So, now that I've got my little intro over with, I once again hope that you enjoy this story.

Everything That They Said

(The Story of a Female Vampire)

Chapter One

The narrator of this story will be me.

I lived in the West Side of the World. This was typically known as 'The Land of The Vampires' but I always found that degrading to the Fire Demons, who also lived there. So I, and many other fair minded beings, called it the West Side.

The West Side consisted of large expanses of country side, small villages and one large City called Tavern. Tavern didn't really look like a City, it looked more like hundreds of little villages joined together, with maybe a hint of a City centre filled with various apartments and shops.

But, despite it's quaint looks Tavern was called a City because of it's size. Tavern was also known as 'The City of the Vampires',which by now you probably know was a name that I rarely used.

Tavern was home to a very large, dark looking castle. It's towering turrets twisted into the sky and residents of the city rarely looked at it in fear that they were going to be seen looking at it. Yes, The Vampire Royal Family seemed to like being better than everyone else, and liked scaring everyone else, but that seemed to be common in vampires. They were very proud beings and liked to show off.

I suppose I would know, seeing as I am one, but I'll describe myself later.

The Vampire Royal Family was run, controlled and loved by none other than the Vampire King himself. Dracula can be put into a lot of stereotypes so I'll save you the problem of seeing him as a Transylvanian Bloodsucker each time I write his name, I'll call him The King, there, better?

The King was finally showing his age, being hundreds of years old. His dark hair was greying around the edges and his once young and handsome face was now faintly lined and worn down, although his age did nothing to his electrifying green eyes. Vampires have very distinct colouring. Their hair will be very, very black and their eyes will be a brilliant green. You could say that this erased originality, but races always have similarities, be it small or big. Ours just happened to be the thing that most people remember each other by. Our colouring.

However our faces were very different. You could still recognize your close friends if they all put on the exact same wigs and coloured contact lenses, couldn't you? That was what it was like for us.

The King had a small yet well known, and slightly feared family. Unfortunately, his wife, Marianne, had been killed by a werewolf. Marianne was dead yet few people could forget her stunning, vampire-esquebeauty. The King and Marianne had a son called Drake, which in my opinion wasn't a very original name, although I never told him that.

You could say that Drake was very much the Prince Charming of Tavern. I didn't know a girl who wouldn't swoon at the mention of his name, or literally pass out when he walked past. He was incredibly handsome, although he didn't flaunt it too much. If you ruled out the smouldering looks that tended to grace his eyes when he was giving a girl eye contact, or his slow, deliberate movements, you could say that Drake acted like a swan unaware of it's striking beauty.

I was good friends with Drake as we'd known each other from a very young age. My Father was best friends with the King. This meant that my family happened to also get treated like royalty, and the Royal Family were like my second family.

I guess that I grew up the easy way, but I'd always wanted to see the rest of the world. The mysteries it held just out of my reach.

But, back to Drake.

Drake was never too much of a vampire 'sex god'to me because we'd known each other for so long. During our teenage years we'd even dated, much to the approval of The King. But I was only fourteen. We only got as far as make out sessions and something 'close' to sex, although our Father's never knew about this-thank god. Drake had broken up with me in an extremely kind way the day after my sixteenth birthday. He'd bought me a friendship locket and said that he didn't want to snap our friendshipjust like thatby being an arrogant jerk. He said that the friendship locket would slowly make the pain of breaking up with him go away and we would still be extremely good friends. I of course di dbelieve him, even if it sounded slightly big headed that I would be so torn about him breaking up with me, but, it was nice that Drake cared that much about my feelings.

When The King found out that me and Drake weren't going to be true loves and teenage sweethearts that eventually got married and started a happy family he instantly went looking for compatible wives for Drake, as he was approaching his nineteenth birthday at the time. Drake wasn't very happy about this.

And, at this particular event in the long timeline of my story, I'll shall start.

It was late October when the crispy leaves of autumn were threatening to shrivel up and die from the onset of winter. As we were no longer going out, and no longer at the stage before marriage, I was now once again aloud in Drake's bedroom alone (not that that rule had ever really stopped us doing anything before).We were both sat at the end of his magnificent four poster bed, crossed legged and facing each other.

"There's three more coming tonight," Drake said miserably, screwing the handsome features up on his face for a second. I comforted him by rubbing his back. My delicate hand barely made contact which his muscled shoulder before I realized he was lying.

"Come on, Drake. You can't actually be that pissed off about beautiful girls competing for your affection,"

He grinned, raising his head slightly so that he was looking at me from under his eyebrows.

"It can get slightly annoying after a while. It's even worse when they're staying here in the castle. I can't run down the hall from the bathroom naked, in case one of them sees me,"

I laughed at his so called problems. I, and Drake both knew that the girls were just trivial, family life, maybe heightened by being a prince, but they were still so small compared to what was happening outside the walls of the castle.

There was an ongoing war between the Vampires and the Werewolves. This was mainly due to ancient feuds that had been brought to the surface again, but it was made so much worse for me when the people I loved had to fight. Drake had joined the army out of choice. He was extremely clever, but I repeatedly called him stupid after he had told me. I knew deep down that he wasn't the type of person to lay back and hide when it came to fighting, that he had responsibilities and was a very determined young man, but I was angry and upset at him for at least a week passed before I came to my senses and forgave him.

It wasn't only Drake that risked his life whenever the time to fight came. My brother, Kien was also in the army. Kien was nearly twenty-four and probably the best big brother I could have wished for. He had recently married a pretty young vampire from a farm over in the North. Rebecca was just as worried as I was, and I never understood why she didn't try to stop him from being in the army. But maybe I was just naive.

The third person who I cared enough about to stay up through the night worrying about was Fang Costella.

Mine and Fang's relationship wasn't perfect, it wasn't even niceat times. We argued and yelled at each other for the smallest things. I even once told him that I was too good for him in the middle of mine and Drake's relationship. I was fourteen and a half and confused that how was it, that if I was going out with the Vampire Prince, did I still have feelings for my best friend? When Fang told me that he had a huge secret to tell me one night, when Drake was training in the training grounds, I was eager to hear what he had to tell me. I loved it when he would tell me stuff, sometimes he even skipped his training lessons to come and see me, something which repeatedly got him into trouble. It wasn't like he cared about that.

Like I said, despite our friendships I still had feelings for Fang. I may have only been fourteen but I adored his strong sixteen year old body and his chiselled, yet handsome features. We had sat behind our favourite 'Junk Shop' and Fang had deliberately lit a cigarette extremely slowly to make me wait.

Fang's drug habit had never been something I was particularly fond of. He looked cool smoking cigarettes but that was it. It may not have damaged his lungs. It may not have been sending him to an early grave but it made him smell. It would give him wrinkles and turn his teeth yellow. He let me try it once, and in a giddy blur of running around the streets he never let me try it again. He said he didn't want me to become reliant on them. So I stopped. I'm glad I did.

Fang very slowly lit the not so shocking, but possibly more harmful cigarette and gave me one of his most menacing grins.

"Are you that excited, Vi?" Fang's voice was accented from the hard past he had as a kid- the backstreets he had grown up in. It was also very drawly and very sexy, which I couldn't help but notice at the time. I then realised that I'd been impatiently bouncing up and down and gave him a stern look while I steadied my legs that disobeyed me. I was trying not to give anything away-dammit!!!

Fang blew a cloud of smoke into the air and fixed his emerald coloured eyes on mine. For a moment, I thought I saw a flicker of resentment it them. Why would there be? I was his best friend, he was happy to tell me his secrets, right?

I soon found out that Fang was more aware of my attraction to him that I'd known.

"You like me, don't you, Vi?"

I didn't know what to say. I couldn't believe that he had actually picked up on it, and I was angry at myself for being so obvious. Yes, I was scared, yet hopeful at the same time. If Fang liked me back, then maybe I could have kissed him on that street, right then! But I cursed at my impulsive side and remembered Drake.

I watched Fang take another drag.

"Yeah," I said simply. I looked at him. I can't remember how long it was that he just silently stared at me, his eyes not blinking, not moving, not doing anything. After a while the moment got too much and I broke eye contact with him, just as he decided to speak.

"I'm gay, Vi,"

The words hit me like a sledgehammer. How could he be gay? I had always thought that there would end up being somethingbetween us, They had just been pathetic dreams that were never going to happen.

"I'm too good for you anyway!"

I had yelled before my brain caught up with me. I regretted it instantly. My tears hit the pavement below me as disappointment, anger and hopelessness poured out of me all at once. Through my blurred vision I saw his cigarette hit the floor, and then his arms were wrapped around me, and his warm breath whispered in my ear.

"I'm sorry, Vi. I really am. Don't think this changes anything, you're still my best friend. And, you have Drake, right? As much as I hate him he's a hot piece of ass,"

I managed to laugh slightly through my sobs. My tears were drenching his favourite jacket but he didn't seem to care, he just stood there hugging me like it was the only thing that mattered to him at that moment. I breathed in Fang's smell, tobacco, cologne and something else.I lightly pushed him away and wiped my eyes on my sleeve. He took a tissue out of his pocket and held it up to my face. I recognized that smell. It was the delicious smell of bonfires mixed with herbs and spices. I looked at him, my voice still cracking slightly despite my efforts to keep it still.

"Who is it, Fang?"

He gave me a look that probably would have been a smirk had I not been it fits of tears seconds ago. He raised one thumb to my face and roughly wiped a tear from my cheek before answering.


"I knew. I can smell him on your jacket,"

Fang gave me a strange, half smile and took my hand.

"Come on, I want to show you something,"

As I gripped Fang's hand and walked through the darkening streets of the City I found that he was right. Nothing had changed. The world had not ended.I still loved him, he was still my best friend and now that I thought about it I was so hormone crazed that I would probably start to have a crush on The King had I spent whole days with him.

Next, I'll tell you about Kraze the Fire Demon.