Everything That They Said

(The Story of a Female Vampire)

Chapter Twelve

The trees slowly parted as we moved through them, like they were granting us entry. We soon entered a silent clearing in the middle of the forest, a perfectly circular and bare batch of dry mud. It was extremely peaceful, yet the most surprising thing about the clearing, was the huge wooden building stood in the middle.

"What is it?" I asked stupidly, extremely surprised to see such a large building. I watched Danny glide into the clearing and hand Diego a thick bundle of rope. The werewolf picked the entire bundle up with one hand and looped it around his forearm before tying one end to a tree stump near the buildings door. I didn't know what he was doing.

"It's an Inn," Spike said in answer to my question as he patted the door with such force I thought it would shatter. But it didn't.

"When did you build this?" I asked curiously, walking closer to it. Not a plank seemed out of place. It was almost too sturdy.

"Earlier. You were on the mountain for most of it, so we thought we might as well surprise you little vampires,"

I flinched at the 'little vampires' but was too interested in the expertly built building to care.


"We built most of it while you were asleep," Diego had said.

"It didn't take that long," Spike said, crossing his muscled arms over his chest with a smile.

"There was enough wood around here, anyway," Amber said, tapping her nails on one of the window frames.

"But, why would you build an Inn?" I asked them, Fang was stood next to me with the same expression over his face, although his seemed more scrutinizing, and he slowly moved his eyes from Spike, to Amber, to Diego.

"There's more travellers than you think around here," Spike answered, patting an unsuspecting Danny on the shoulder, who buckled slightly. "Me and Dan kept seeing them while collecting fire wood down the mountain,"

"Loads," Danny said with a nod as though he had to say something to be including into the conversation. I glanced at Fang, knowing what he was thinking.

"Okay, so you're giving them a place to stay. Aren't we supposed to be stopping Rufus?" I asked.

"Everything needs to start somewhere," Diego suddenly said, eying me sternly. "Things can't just be done immediately, Violet,"

"Yes, but-"

"We will give the travellers a leaflet," he said.


"A propaganda leaflet," he said. I stared at him.

"And that would work?"

"It would enlighten some, and that's a start," he said, and he walked over to the inn, pulled open the door and vanished inside. With no more words on the matter. The rest shortly followed his lead, leaving just me and Fang standing in the clearing.

"Oh for fuck's sake," Fang snapped. "Giving 'propoganda' leaflets to a few travellers? Things could start on a much larger scale than that. If you ask me, he's just enjoying this little holiday up here. Is it just me or are you getting bored?"

"Extremely," I said, looking at the inn. "How are they going to know there is an Inn one hundred feet above them?" I said, trying not to think how secluded we were up here, and how much I missed certain people back in Tavern.

"Oh, the genius will have thought of that," Fang said snidely. "Don't worry, we'll just leave everything to him. If he thinks it's a good idea to stay up here while Rufus takes control of villages and towns, we'll let him. Because he knows what he doing." He angrily snorted. "I'm going to find Kraze," he said bitterly. "See you later, Vi," he stormed away through the trees, and I waited for his fast paced footsteps to disappear before I sighed and reluctantly entered the inn.


I stepped into a large entrance room, filled with basic necessities which an Inn needed, such as a counter and a few tables. Upstairs were ten small rooms each dressed with two single beds, and a freshly picked flower resting in a vase balanced on a table. The rooms were all very empty and basically furnished, yet the building was spacious and strangely peaceful, like it had been there for a long time. The rooms seemed charming, not as though they had been built just days ago.

After travelling back down the stairs, I heard raised voices in another room, and nosily went to investigate. I did say I was bored, and one does those things when faced with nothing to do. They were coming from the kitchen, and I could see in through the partially open door. Amber was sat on a stool with her arms crossed and a harsh expression over her face.

"Why can't I sit at the reception?" She snapped. She saw me and closed her mouth, her lips thinning as she stared resentfully at Diego.

"Oh, hello Violet," Diego said conversationally through almost gritted teeth. I paused before answering, wishing I hadn't been so nosy, and that the door had been open a bit more so that it didn't seem like I had been spotted spying on them.

"Hi," I said awkwardly, stepping into the room. "Umm…have you seen Fang?" I asked stupidly, trying to find a reason to leave.

"No," Diego said angrily. "Sorry," he replied, even more savagely. "We're just having a discussion about who should sit at the reception,"

"Oh, really?" I wanted to leave now.

"I would really like your opinion on this, Violet," Diego said. Oh, god.

"I don't think-"

"I said you would be better suited as the receptionist,"

I widened my eyes, looking at Amber who glared at me.

"Yes," Amber snapped back. "And I have worked as a receptionist for the past two years in Veenceon, I think I would be better suited,"

I nervously looked at Diego. Amber was making a point, yet I really didn't want to disagree with him. He still scared me ever so slightly, especially when in a ferocious mood.

"But, honey. You can cook. Violet, can you cook well?"

"Uh, not really,"

"You see?" He said with a strained, I told you so smile that looked more like a snarl. "It would be much easier if you were in here,"

Amber's nose flared. "Fine," she said lividly.

"Why the hell are you arguing over who has what job?" A voice said from the doorway. It was Fang, who looked like he hadn't cheered up since I last saw him. "Isn't trying to stop Rufus slightly more important?" He said, glaring at Diego.

"This is stopping Rufus," Diego said darkly.

"Oh, don't be so fucking stupid," Fang snapped.

"I don't think that taking things slowly is being stupid," Diego said patronisingly. "I've worked with Rufus and I know how he operates, so why don't you make yourself useful at doing something you can understand, instead of trying to disagree with my plans," he said slowly. "Go collect firewood or something," he added.

Fang looked very angry.

I could see he was ready to pounce, so tried to put myself in the line of fire by suggesting something. Something ludicrous.

"Fang can be the Inn's manager, right?"

A wide, self righteous and greedy smile spread over Fang's face.

"Yes, good idea, Violet," he said slowly. "I'll be manger, and Diego can work on his propaganda leaflets,"

Diego looked as though he very much disagreed with this idea, as his eyes flashed dangerously several times, but he somehow managed to answer in a civilised town.

"Fair enough," he said. "You can be manager, Fang,"

I could see that this killed him, but he drew in a breath, and walked from the room, leaving us in silence. Amber slid from her stool and followed. And I looked at Fang, who eyes were gleaming.

"I have great plans for this place," he said smugly, all Rufus concerns slipping from his mind. "Violet, how do you feel about some kind of bar or nightclub?"

I sighed, knowing that further crazy, far fetched and idiotic ideas would all be my fault. I would just have to deal with it.

"..or hotubs, yeah? There will be hot springs around here.." Fang began to pace. "We can dig a whole to find it…"

I sighed as Fang's voice became background noise and my mind drifted. I wondered what Drake was doing at that moment.