green and free and not like me
but just like me, thoughtful, felt,
absent of bursting beauty, turquoise-tinged
inertia, all qualities of anger, ambiguity, ugliness,
an honoring of umbrage, things conscience can't forgive,
we'll live, we'll live, we'll kill ourselves living proud,
never cowed, safe within the crowd, come closer, get away,
drop out of justice, plop into a permanent caprice—
nascent graffiti, dare to dream—dare death
without purpose, how calm, how calm, how utterly
untragic, oh, aye, indeed, whom shall I love? warm,
willing, reactive, generous, understanding—life
is worth what? tell me again about beauty and death,
the force one exerts upon the other, opposite yet
equal in collision, motion compliant with laws,
incapable of staying constant under pressure.