Burning grains of sand;
Well they just bury themselves.
Silver slivers of glass;
Well they just fight to the death.

Is it really that impossible,
To find an escape?
Just to run away from those who love you?
Go on, the sun won't shine for you anymore.

Your eyes, they sparkle in the dim light.
Could it be tears, or could you be happy?
Even when those around suffer?
Something has changed.

Don't cry on my shoulder;
You don't need me anymore.
Lets the flames reign;
And rely on yourself for a change.

They say love is a many splendored thing;
But I have seen the world in it's many forms With my eyes.
And I care to disagree.

I am bruised;
Not yet broken,
Fragments forgotten to be put back together.
Am I really that easily left out?

Dance away, as you seem to wish.
Blame the limelight for this disembodied state of mind;
But I know better.
I know you better.