I wasn't supposed to be there- no. I had every right to be there, I just wasn't allowed. The green carpet of the chapel floor was soft and hard under my back. Little daylight leaked through the stain glass windows, leaving the air dim, and cool, and peaceful. The only sound in the room was a recording of a soft piano lullaby- its staccato notes hitting my ears like a gentle rainfall. My eyes were closed, and I let myself fall away a bit at a time. I let myself become carried by the sweet melody, pulled under the surface of reality. Slowly, I began to fade, then suddenly, I was somewhere new.

I was sitting on a white bench beneath a cherry tree. Its blossoms were in full bloom, floating lazily above my head yet never became entangled in my hair. Near my bare feet flowed a narrow, clear creek, the waters dancing with gold as the sun touched them. I looked downstream where the banks grew apart. A wooden bridge stood a little ways down where the banks were wide. I stood up, noticing for the first time, a simple white dress that clung to my waist and floated away at the hip, ending at my knee. I could feel the soft, cool grass beneath my feet as I glided, dreamlike, along the banks of the stream. A soft breeze picked up, and my hair followed it while my dress fluttered past my knees.

I reached the bridge, and took one step across the smooth, wooden plank. I stood there for a minute, the sun's rays resting on my back, one hand on the arch of the bridge, wondering what the other side was like. Even though I could plainly see the luscious green valley before me, I was vaguely aware that here, not everything was as it seemed. I took a step and felt myself suddenly yanked upward, the sound of a bell ringing in my ears. My eyes opened sharply, and I could hear the hallway clamor of students going to their next classes. I sighed to myself and stood up, gathering my things, wondering as I made my way to my next class just what would have been beyond the bridge.

I gotta thank my religion class for this one. we were allowed to go up to our school's chapel and meditate for the period, and that's sort of where i got the... idea for this piece.... heh. good reviews are always treasured, flames will be ignored, and politely worded critisisms will be heeded. thank you for reading!