Abbykins: Here's to you! ;] I love you!!!! (he loves u too 3)

Otherpeople: Ok guys, heres a new story for u~!

First, some background info and how my love Steeve came to be.

It started a long time ago... Ok, like somewhere in January.

Anyway, since like November 2008 when I went to the mall pet-store, I saw the love-of-my-life.

He was a rat. Actually there were three. I screamed , "Oh my god!!!! I WANT A RAT!!!" And since that day, I've wanted a rat, but since I have two wild and killer cats that pwn dogs, my parents wouldnt get me one (b/c they said it would get a heart attack and die once it came into the house :O). Not even for my birthday (which is Nov 16 btw).

So I drove my friends insane chattering non-stop about how much I want an oversized rodent. Then (in January or something) one of my friends finally cracked and gave me a (fake) stuffed rat. I screamed with joy and nearly fell down the stairs again :D (I love you forever taytay~!)

So I named my rat Steeve.

Then one day, I randomly go 'Steeve is gay. I found him watching gay porn :'[ ' So he bacame homo.

Then I started thinking up little adventures for him. I made it that he lived in my school (and some things from this story actually happened, btw. Lots of funny stuff happens in the cafeteria so I'll write it down in this story, having Steeve witnessing it. Abbykins, you were there, so you should remember ;}

So, yeah. ENJOY!!!!

P.s. This is a light-hearted story that my friends help me make up so ENJOY ONCE AGAIN!!! [ especially u, abbykins 3].

P.s 2 Happy Friday the 13th people!!!!

Chapter 1 ––

...I looked around, realizing that the whole cafeteria was empty. The lights were off, even though it was daytime. The warm, summery sunlight streaming the windows fell in rectangular patches on the tiled blue-gray floor. The clock up near the ceiling had three arrows: a fat one, a normal one, and an anorexic one that never stood still. The fat one was currently on the number 2, the normal one was on number 1, and the anorexic one was edging past 6.

I crouched down, glancing around warily. The hours when the children were here weren't over yet, so where were all the humans?

"They're gone." I sat up, my heart skipping a beat when I heard his voice.

Zach smiled at me, the way he does at Emily. He was sitting a few feet away, but I hadn't noticed him earlier.

"It's just us."

I felt my nose heat up just at the though.

"No Emily?" I asked quietly, immediately realizing that it was a stupid question. Emily was always at his side; she couldn't keep her paws off him.

Neither could I, though.

"No Emily." Zach smiled––at me!––again, causing my nose to redden even further.

"Really?" I whispered: it sounded too good to be true.

"Really, really." He nodded. "I've waited a long time to tell you this," Zach hesitated.

"Yeah? Yeah?" I leaned forward, my heart beating away uneven beats, much like the tempo of the orchestra students when they play. No, the band students. They were worse.

"I've always wanted to tell you that..." He took a breath, "I lov––"

"Diiing!!!" Zach randomly yelled.

I jumped up, the back of my head hitting a metal bar. A fell down, curled up on the dusty cafeteria floor.

"Oooowwww..." I moaned, opening one eye.

The disappointment hurt more then the metal-to-the-head.

I felt like crying. It was just another dream. But it felt so real!

I lashed my bald tail around, suddenly angry.

Why does my mind do this to me? It shoves me the things I want, then takes them away when I wake up.

It was crueler then putting a frog in the blender and pressing the button.

"Hey! There you are!" Abby shuffled in, grinning.

"Yeah." I scowled, standing up slowly. The rip-off dream left me in a cruddy mood; I didn't feel like talking to anybody, even Abby.

"C'mon, lets go get some dinner." She slashed the floor with her tail, anxious to get going.

"Ok." I agreed lightly, even though I had just eaten before taking a nap. I glanced at the clock, wondering how long my sweet-dream had lasted.

The obese arrow was on the 4, the normal one on the 8 and the anorexic one skipped past the two.

I had fallen asleep when the arrows were on 4 and 1.

"C'mon, dude." Abby urged me, "I want dinner!"


Let me introduce myself. My name is Steeve. Yes, I know, stupid name.

I and my friends live in this school. I have no idea what it's called, but its grades 6 through 8. I've lived here all my life, and I very much love it.

My parents are dead; some sixth grader stepped on them. I, on the other hand, am alive and well. We usually hide during the day, but sometimes we run out from under the fridge, run around the cafeteria. All the preppy human girls start screaming 'Rat!!! Raaat!!!' then they jump up on the table and cower in fear of us.

The male humans, on the other hand, jump up and start chasing us, yelling 'AWSOME!!!!' They also try to step on us; my friend Melina went that way.


Abby jumped up on the first level of the fridge, pulling out a sandwich. She pushed it down to the floor. "Here!"

I poked it with my nose, sniffing it. Ham & cheese?

"Hey guys." My heart skipped a beat when I heard the voice, the familiar voice.

I turned around, flushing.