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Chapter 2 ––

"Hi Zach." I muttered, smiling.

"Oh hey Steeve." He barely glanced at me.

I sighed, tracing the perimeter of the tile with my paw. The tiles in the Cafeteria were blue and white, forming some-sort of diamond pattern.

"Hey Abby," He turned towards her. "Have you seen Emily?"

She glanced up from the sandwich; her cheeks full of the food, making her look like a hamster. Hamster was a strange word: I never knew how to spell it, hamster or hambster. I usually leaned toward the one with the 'b' in it.

"Mfn," Abby answered.

"Oh, ok then." I doubted that Zach even understood. I surely didn't. "I'll go look for her then." He turned around, quickly heading towards the slightly open door leading to one of the three 7th-grade hallways.

I sighed, curling up on the dusty tiles, covering my eyes with my paws. "He didn't even notice me…" I groaned. That was the impossible part: being so madly in love and not even being noticed.

"Cheer up!" Abby petted the top of my head. "Here, want some of my sand-a-which?"

I smelled the food –– what she referred to as 'sand-a-which' –– right under my nose. I jerked away, putting some distance between myself and the disgusting ham & cheese lunch. What was wrong with humans? Who in the right mind mixes meat and dairy?

"I hate ham and cheese." I scowled at Abby, the sandwich, and life in general. Life here was so boring: the same faces, the same food, the same building, the same danger. I wanted to get out, to see the rest of the world! To not be caged up in a giant building.

I had often examined the big map in the classroom of the 8th grade history teacher, Mr. Mattia. The map hung on a door that was apparently not ever used.

A big piranha-fish-like blob. That was called 'ahmerika'. I was quite sure that the whole school resigned on it.

The strange-looking diamond-square with a little tail and a few blue lines flowing through it. To me, it looked like a pregnant fish. This thing was called 'mizury'. I was told that it was part of ahmerika and that we lived there too.

One of the blue lines drawn through it –– you'd never guess! –– was actually a river! I was as surprised as Abby on that one. A river? Then it must be giant to go through the whole mizury! It was actually called 'mizury river'. Quite un-creative, in my opinion.

The thing that scared me the most was the blue line that went from the state that looked like a bitten-into piece of cheese –– called 'minetsoda' –– to the to shoe-like state called 'luesiana'. This giant blue line was also a river. It was referred to as 'misspee river'. Humans sure are strange! They called rivers 'miss pee'. What kind of name is that? I would surely be insulted to be called 'miss pee'.

The scary part about misspee, is its size. It went all the way through ahmerika! What if it suddenly rained a lot and the thing overflowed? Then mizury, luesiana, minetsoda, wesconsun (the state next to the blue fingers), iwa (the misshaped tilted rectangle), illnoise (the state next to mizury), arecansas (the fish head under mizury), and the state misspee would all be under water!

I shuddered, not even wanting to think about all the poor, misunderstood states that would drown.

…Wait, what was I ranting on about before the states of ahmerika?

Yes, I remember.

I want to see the world! All the other blobs on the map! Brahsill, asstralia, chena, rasha, etaly, frens, keneda, mecksiko, dgepan, antartika, and even greenland!

I want to see the yellow, green, red, purple, white, and orange land! The light-blue rivers, the words on the rivers and the lands that state what the place is.

How cool would it be to stand on the giant 'a' of ahmerika or the oversized 'r' in rasha?

Very cool, let me tell you.

Although if the land was the color it was on the map, then why was greenland called green-land when it is clearly orange?

Once again, humans with their strange names.

"Hey, Steeve! Steeve?"

"Huh?" I flashed back to reality, in the boring middle-school in mizury, ahmerika.

Abby chuckled, "Wow, you must've been really deep in though!"

"Yeah, I was thinking about––"


Abby glanced up at the ceiling, "They should really get that bell fixed. School's over and its still going off at random intervals!"

I nodded, "Double that." That bell really was giving me a headache…

"C'mon," She tapped my tail, "Let's go get another sand-a-which, Steevy."

I sighed, but smiled, getting up. "Its 'sandwich', Abby. 'Sandwich'."