A Heart Attack Valentine

Luke was walking through the mall after work, having just bought his Valentine's gift for Eric at the local spa resort. He knew that all the training that Eric had undergone for the football season was wearing him down, both physically and mentally, and despite Luke's best efforts, he just couldn't get all the knots and kinks out of Eric's expansive back and chest. Plus they kept getting sidetracked and ended up going at it with the massage oil. No wonder the spa companies charged so much for their products – the self-warming oil doubled as an excellent source of lube!

Passing the food court, Luke glanced over at all the families and couples eating there. Seeing all the happy faces brought a sense of warmth to his heart, and Luke couldn't help but grin at the prospect of seeing Eric when he got home. He planned on making his lover dinner, they could watch a movie together, cuddle even, and then who knew what else they would do, but if Luke knew Eric like he thought he did, the larger man would certainly have an ace or two up his sleeve.

Luke's eyes passed over another couple, this time it was of two gays. The man facing Luke was short like him, and looked kinda cute actually. But the other man, whose back was facing Luke … something was familiar about him. The hair color and build was similar to Eric, and the shirt was exactly the same as the one Luke bought his…boyfriend…

The unknown man turned, and Luke caught a glimpse of his face.


Luke felt as though his stomach dropped to the floor, and his whole body wracked with chills. He felt lightheaded at seeing his supposed beloved sharing a meal, laughing, smiling with another man. Tears prickled his eyes as Luke kept staring.

Eric would never cheat on him, Luke was certain. Eric loved him…didn't he?

Leaning against a decorative pillar and sinking to the ground in disbelief, Luke tried to think of any signs that Eric might have shown the past few weeks, something that would hint at this secretive twist in their relationship. Come to think of it, Eric had been acting weird for the past month, being secretive about some things, and staying later at work. But was Eric really staying at work late, or was he simply going over to his new boyfriend's place and fucking him?

Luke sobbed, and covered his face. If Eric and he had simply broken up, Luke wouldn't have been this upset. Sure, some people are better off as friends than as lovers, he could accept that. But he and Eric were doing so well he thought! And for the man to cheat on him – Luke just couldn't take that.

With that thought, a seed of anger blossomed in Luke's heart. So much had he put into their relationship, how dare Eric just spit on it and walk away! Luke didn't know what to do; should he go up and confront his now ex? Or should he go home and wait, letting his righteous anger build and spill over, incinerating Eric and his cheating ass. Luke was even contemplating castration; he could plead insanity in court and get away with it easy.

Glancing over at Eric and his new fuck toy, Luke saw them get up and throw away their trash. He stayed hidden behind the pillar and watched as they walked away, Eric's arm wrapped around the smaller man's shoulders in unspoken closeness. Following them at a safe distance, Luke kept them in his sight. With each step he felt his emotions building and flare up in agitation. Truly, this deception from Eric had cut him deep and he was feeling almost ill because of it.

Soon the couple walked into a jewelry store, and Luke watched as Eric pick out a ring and place on the other man's fingers. That did for Luke. Seeing Eric's elated face and the joyous laughter was just too much for him. With a sob, he turned on his heel and ran out of the mall, tears streaming down his face.

Reaching his car, he unlocked and started it, speeding off with questions of how soon he could move out of his and Eric's apartment and find a new one somewhere, preferably across town.


Eric had been so happy when he found the perfect gift at the jewelry store. The help he received was more than enough, and he knew that this Valentine's Day would forever be something special to them, he could tell. Driving up to his and Luke's apartment, he saw several boxes by the door along with quite a few of Luke's possessions in his own car. Frowning in thought, Eric couldn't remember Luke ever mentioning him having to go somewhere this weekend.

Pulling his car up next to Luke's, Eric stepped out of his car, keeping his gift hidden safely in his coat pocket. Stepping over a few of the boxes by their front door, Eric looked around for his little lover and saw more changes. Several of Luke's personal items were missing from the shelves, but none of their shared items, such as their photos, were untouched. Confused, Eric called to out to Luke.

"Luke, heart, are you here?"

Eric heard the soft padding of footsteps above him, and eventually saw Luke walk down the stairs barefoot. He was wearing a simple attire of tight jeans, polo, and zip-up jacket. The getup would have made Eric's blood boil in lust if it wasn't for the red puffy eyes he was sporting.

Eric walked up to him and Luke stopped, him standing two steps up, them being on eye level. "Luke, what's wrong?"

Luke stared at him silently for a moment. Eric was about to question his lover again when he saw Luke draw his hand back and slap him as hard as possible across the face. His vision exploding in light and pain, Eric staggered back and hit the wall behind him. "L-luke? What's going on, why did you hit me?" Never before had his boyfriend shown any violent tendencies, so what caused this?

"I would call you a son of a bitch, but I actually like your mother." was all Luke bit out.

Eric looked down as Luke walked down the rest of the way and stood in front of him, his eyes shining with both unshed tears and anger.

"Did you honestly think I wouldn't find out Eric?" He whispered. "Did you think I wouldn't catch on?" With each question, he poked his ex firmly in the chest, making sure his index finger nail pressed painfully into flesh.

Wincing at the slight pain, Eric shook his head. "Luke, what in the world are you talking about?" Seeing Luke about to poke him again, Eric quickly grabbed his crazed lover's forearms and held them tightly but gently.

Trying to yank his arms loose, Luke snarled. "You goddamn fucker, I saw you today! How long has it been going on Eric, how long have you been messing around behind my back?!"

Now Eric was truly confused. What was Luke talking about?

"Was I not enough for you Eric, did I not give you enough?" Luke yelled, his voice growing slightly hoarse. "I was faithful, I did things for you, I thought we were good! But then I catch you cheating on me today at the mall!"

Eric could only stare as he saw his confused lover break down slowly in front of him. Luke sank to his knees, his limbs still held by Eric. He was sobbing now, his anger having been diffused, leaving only sorrow and pain.

"I'm leaving Eric. It's obvious that you've already replaced me, so I'll go—"


Luke cut off his choking heaves at Eric's exclamation. Looking up at the man, he saw that Eric had sunk to the floor with him and was now looking at him in desperation.

"No, Luke you have it all wrong! Please, just listen for a moment, I'm begging you man!" Eric cried, tears now showing in his eyes.

"Huh?" Luke whispered.

Eric took in a deep breath to calm himself. He needed to get the truth through to Luke, he didn't want to lose the best thing that had ever come his way.

"Yes it's true that you saw me at the mall today with another man, but what you saw wasn't the truth! He's the brother of one of my co-workers; he works at the jewelry store we were at. He was giving me advice on something I wanted to get you for Valentine's Day." He spoke in a rushed tone. Luke was staring up at him in confusion still. "I have NEVER cheated on you Luke! I love you so much!" Standing up, Eric pulled up Luke with him. Quickly stepping over to the front door, he pulled in the boxes and shut the door, locking it.

"I needed advice because I was getting you this my heart."

Fumbling in his pocket, Eric drew out a small black box and got down on one knee. Luke looked down at him, shock quickly replacing confusion.

Eric saw this and began stammering. "I-I know that same-sex marriage isn't fully legalized yet here, but I love you so much Luke!" Opening the box, he held it in front of the man he was utterly devoted to.

"Luke Eknath, will you forever be the love of my life, will you be my life partner?"

Time seemed frozen for Luke. He saw what Eric was doing, and he heard the question posed on him, but he couldn't say anything. Soon the tears began falling silently, and Luke began crying again.

"Oh heart what's wrong? Did I mess up, is this too soon?" Eric questioned, his tone full of worry that he had moved too fast for his boyfriend.

Luke shook his head and leaped towards his renewed lover. He clutched tightly onto Eric's chest and bawled out his self-hurt. He had screwed up so much and he was in complete amazement that Eric could be both so forgiving and still want to practically propose to him.

"E-Eric I am so sorry!" he cried. "Yes I will be yours eternally! That is, if you'll still have me even though I'm such a screw up!"

"Oh Luke, you're my screw up." Eric said with small laughter as he put the ring on Luke's finger. The platinum band contrasted beautifully with Luke's dark skin, but that only made its presence more striking. "I know that it's kinda cheesy, proposing on Valentine's Day, but I just couldn't wait any longer. And my co-worker's brother has the same size of your hands, so I had to use him as a model, since you don't wear rings either."

Luke sniffled. "I suck at getting you gifts love." He looked down at his ring.

"Why's that?" asked Eric as he pulled out his matching ring.

"Because all I got you was an entire afternoon of massages at the local spa." Luke took the ring, and sank to his knee. "Since I can't give you a real massage, unless it's by jumping on your back or something equally as crazy."

Blinking away his tears, Luke looked up at Eric and asked in a quiet voice, "Eric Saulderman, will you be my special one, my life mate forever?"

Eric let a tear fall as he reached down and let Luke put his ring on his finger. "Of coarse I will my heart. And you always give me practical gifts that I will always use. Your gifts won't ever sit on my shelves collecting dust, I can promise you."

The two stood and faced each other. Luke reached up and gently caressed his fiancé's face. The red mark from his hand was a bright reminder of his lack of trust in Eric. "I'm so sorry for hitting you Eric…" he whispered, shame burning his cheeks.

"Shhhh, it's okay Luke, I know you were right in questioning me. If our roles were switched, I would have made the same mistake."

Luke smiled and nuzzled his face in Eric's chest. With a muffled voice, he laughed out, "Yeah, but I'm pretty sure if you slapped me, I would stayed down and not gotten up anytime soon." He reached over and squeezed Eric's biceps.

Eric chuckled deeply and wrapped his arms around his little fiancé. Now he and Luke were truly a couple, and nothing would break them.

Suddenly an idea popped into his head.

"Hey Luke?"

"Yeah Eric?" answered Luke, his face pressed gently into Eric's chest.

"We just had a big fight…"

Luke looked up in confusion. "Yes….?"

"You know what that means right?"

Luke looked at Eric in complete confusion.

"A fight equals makeup sex my heart." Eric finished and pressed his lips into Luke's, his tongue slipping in. Luke reached up and wrapped his arms around Eric's neck, groaning at the sudden arousal both males felt. Eric moaned and lifted up Luke, quickly pulling off both of their clothes.

As Luke was being carried, he began nibbling Eric's neck, leaving small bite marks in the skin. He squirmed loose and landed on the floor. Now he and Eric were shirtless, but they quickly began stripping off their jeans, their mouths still connected in passion.

"Where do you want to do this Luke?" panted Eric as he towered over the other man.

"The couch – it's closer than our bed." groaned out Luke.

"Guests sit on that couch, won't it be a bit awkward for them?" asked Eric as he began licking Luke's nipples.

Luke gasped at the sensations. "What they don't know – ah! – can't hurt them! Besides – oh! – our home, – o heavens! – our rules!" Having enough of his lover's teasing, Luke took the initiative and grabbed the bigger dick and led him over to the long couch. Eric fell down, his bare backside rubbing the soft fabric as he pulled Luke with him on top.

"We need lube Luke, it won't work otherwise."

"Don't worry love, I want to do something special to make up for hitting you." purred Luke as he slowly crawled down Eric's long and hard body. Soon his face was directly in front of Eric's slowly hardening shaft.

"Luke what are you – O God!" Eric started out, but ended in both surprise and exclamation. Luke took Eric's entire cock into his mouth and began sucking gently on it, forcing the fleshy appendage to harden completely. Soon Eric's dick was totally solid, and Luke was forced to back off a bit so as to not to choke on it. Saddling up and squatting over Eric, Luke stared down at his lover.

Eric looked back at him. "Luke, you don't have to do this, I don't want you to feel obligated."

"Let me take care of you this time love." Luke whispered as he gently lowered himself down. The crown of Eric impressive dick met Luke's hole and slowly pushed in. Eric had to bite his tongue to resist slamming in totally. Luke hadn't been prepped like he normally was, so they would have to go extra slow.

Too bad Luke had other ideas.

Once the broad head had cleared his ring, Luke made eye contact with Eric, and whispered, "I love you." Before Eric could react, Luke relaxed his legs and let gravity do the rest. All of Eric's remaining girth disappeared inside Luke as both men gasped at the slight pain but overwhelming pleasure. Soon Luke began to move and Eric placed his broad hands on both sides of his slim hips, moving him up and down. Neither man was going to last much longer. Each was desperate to feel the other as soon as possible.

Soon the quiet moans and groans turned into passionate cries as Eric struck Luke deep in that one special spot that sped up Luke's orgasm.

With a cry of "ERIC!" Luke spilled his load across Eric's football player abs. Seeing his newfound fiancé erupting and exclaiming his name in passion did it for Eric, He gripped tighter and began slamming upwards into Luke. Soon his yells rang out and with a hoarse shout of "LUKE!" he sent his seed inward, rocketing deep into Luke, claiming the other man totally as his.

Eventually the passions calmed down, and Luke laid on top of Eric, the bigger man holding him tightly against him.

"Happy Valentine's Day Eric." Luke whispered as he kissed a cheek.

"Happy Valentine's Day my one true heart." replied Eric, him interweaving his fingers with Luke's, their matching rings rubbing against each other.