This one-shot uses one of my earlier used characters from Sometimes a Game Is All It Takes. You don't need to read it, but it helps you understand this one a little better =)

The bell rang that said to all the students of Midston High School: "Go home, enjoy doing your homework!" It was Valentine's Day that day.
Midston High School had done rose services like every year. There was a small box in the central hall in which you could put 50 dollar cents and a small note to whom the rose would be sent and what there should be on the card of the rose.
Sabrina had gotten exactly such a rose.
Three hours earlier
"Great. Physics." Sabrina walked, annoyed, to her classroom, followed by her best friend, Mike.
Their difference in gender usually led to a lot of teasing and bullying in the class, everyone wanting to see them as a couple. But they were just friends, nothing more than that.
Sabrina had short, blonde hair that reached to her shoulders. She never wore it in a ponytail or anything like that.
Mike had short, black hair.

While they were walking to their classroom, suddenly a third person – whom Sabrina recognized as Carl – caught up with them.
"Hey, you getting any roses this day?" He winked suggestively and then ran faster, trying to evade Sabrina's angry look. Mike shook his head and kept on walking, not saying anything.

"Never liked physics, what about you?"
"Nope, I didn't either." Mike said, but he didn't continue talking. He seemed a tad angry.
"Keep it up, it's only this day we're being bullied."
"And the next Valentine's Day, and the next one, and the one after that…"
"At least it's once a year." Sabrina had a strange feeling Mike was lying about his feelings, but decided not to pay attention to it.
They entered the classroom.

Fifteen minutes later
"Sorry to interrupt your class, but I have a couple of roses to deliver." The teacher, Mrs. Goldstein, looked annoyed to the guy who just walked in and disturbed her not-so-very-interesting monologue about why you shouldn't wear hats in your class to Carl.
"Yeah, well, go ahead." Mrs. Goldstein said.

"Thank you. Err… Richard Daneson?" A tall guy jumped from his seat and walked over to the guy, to receive his rose.

"Pauline Smithson?" A girl with a black ponytail, whom Sabrina recognized as Mike's ex, walked over to the guy and retrieved her rose, excited as she was.

"Sabrina Ingerson?" Confused, she walked over to the guy and got her rose, under a bright cheer of the class and telling Mike "you did good," and "well done, I didn't think you were this brave," which Mike just ignored.

That was a little strange, because normally, he would get angry and shout at those people he didn't send that rose.
She looked at the card delivered with it and was shocked.
One hour after the last bell rings, meet me in front of the English classroom.

Eventually, the guy walked out of the classroom again and Mrs. Goldstein, a little confused about what to do now, decided she wanted the class to take notes.

Two hours and forty-five minutes later
Sabrina was walking in the hallway and saw teachers wondering what she was still doing here. One teacher, her teacher Science, tried to talk to her, but she cut short every attempt that led to a conversation.
She wanted to think, she wanted to know who sent that rose.

She suspected about every boy in her class. She wasn't really popular amongst the boys, but she was good in seeing things that weren't there, particularly when it came to love. She had a thing for suspecting people to have fallen in love with her, usually when that was not the case.
She found a chair and sat down on it.

She thought of every boy in her class. She started with Damian, who seemed a likely suspect, since he was silent most of the time and not really that much into a conversation with her. But no, he didn't know her well enough to fall in love with her. So, he fell off the list.
Carl was just annoying. He was about the least likely to send her a rose.

Richard was a bully and teased her a lot. If he loved her, then he had a very funny way of showing it. No, it couldn't have been him.
Like this, she went through every boy of her class. There were fifteen boys in her class, so it took her some time. When she was done, she checked the clock and saw she only had half an hour now.
Suddenly, she realized she forgot one.

But… no… he couldn't have sent that one, right? No way, Sabrina didn't believe he sent the rose. It couldn't have been Mike.
What if she wanted Mike to send the rose?
No… that was just plainly ridiculous.

Sabrina tried to go through the list of boys that weren't in her class, but somehow, Mike always appeared back in her mind.
And every minute, Mike flew back on the list to be checked again. Finally, Sabrina had it and decided to exclude him with arguments.
But, it could have been him.
He did behave differently.

But… no, that was impossible. They were friends, just friends, nothing more than that! Mike went steady with Pauline!
She suddenly remembered they broke up a month ago. Things just didn't work out, according to Mike. Pauline cheated on him with someone else and so Mike broke up with her, after one year of being together. Pauline had fallen in love with that person, so Mike simply had no choice.

He indeed was sad about that and Sabrina tried to be shoulder to cry on. Mike used that shoulder a lot and explained everything to her, why he loved her, why he adored her and why he felt so sorry that things worked out this way.
Why he was so much better than the one whom Pauline fell in love with and everything like that.

But it had stopped a week ago, all of a sudden. He went back into his normal self a little too quickly.
What if Mike had a crush on her?

She shook her head. She was seeing ghosts again, there was no other explanation.
Suddenly, a new thought crossed her mind.
What if she had a crush on Mike?
What if that was the reason she was seeing ghosts? Because she wanted him to be in love with her?
This was a serious thought and Sabrina considered it. What if she was in love with him?

Fifteen minutes left, but Sabrina kept thinking about her feelings towards Mike. Perhaps, perhaps she was right, perhaps she was in love with him.
He had sent the rose, there was no doubt about it in Sabrina's mind. Yes, he did.
But did she want him to?

She had always felt different towards Mike. She liked him, he was not like most boys, who were either playing baseball or sitting behind their computer. He was social and outgoing, never teasing or bullying anybody.
But, was that different feeling love or just very strong friendship?

Ten minutes left and Sabrina came to a conclusion.
If she didn't have a crush on Mike, why did she keep thinking about him? Why couldn't he leave her mind when she wanted to check everyone who could've sent the rose?
Why did she spend the last twenty minutes thinking about him if she wasn't in love with him?

Yes, yes she was. There was no doubt about it. She didn't care how much they would be bullied again, she wanted and loved him. She realised it now, even though she should've seen it earlier.
She was in love with Mike. She wanted to be Mike's. And she was convinced Mike sent the rose, she was convinced Mike was the one who was in love with her.

Five minutes left and Sabrina walked towards the English classroom, eager to see Mike and tell her true feelings towards him. She now knew what she should've known way before.
She finally arrived at the classroom and stood before it, waiting until someone would show up.

Finally, she saw a tiny figure – too tiny to be one of the teachers – opening a door at the other side of the hallway. The tiny figure walked towards her and became bigger and bigger every step. Sabrina hesitantly moved her feet towards the figure at first, but she kept on walking, faster and faster, as did the figure.

As it came closer, she could see the figure had short, black hair. She could see the figure had a face exactly like Mike's. And at last, she could see the figure had blue eyes.
When she was absolutely sure it was Mike, she ran towards the figure, who now started running too. Eventually, she and Mike met in the middle of the hall. Mike wanted to open his mouth, but Sabrina silenced him by putting her lips on his, making him unable to say another word.
Mike kissed back.
When they broke the kiss, they wished each other a very happy valentine.

Author's note: And I'm going to wish the same to you!