My Brother, My Angel, My Friend:

I won't lie, to start.
I will make this as I go, and will probably
Make minor changes only, grammars and such
Because I want this to honest and heartfelt.
My brother, my angel, my friend,
I love you.

I will never forget you, but should I do so
May I be struck firm upon my arrival in heaven.

(I'll be sure to meet you up there someday)

I want to talk to you.
To talk with you.
I hear you now.
I feel your arms around my shoulders

And although I believed myself something greater than you,
Partly because I was me
Partly because I didn't completely know you
I realize now, that your absence dances on my heart in a way
I haven't been able to understand until now.

If I could have kissed your forehead upon the hour of your death
I would have, so lovingly, as your brother.

My friends are my family, and you were nothing shy
Of a brother I learned to appreciate too late.

I hope you can look down upon me from your cloud.
Your godly throne.
Your seat next to His
And forgive me.

If only I could have corrected my actions.
To be able to love you once more, all over again
And never let a day pass where I didn't tell you
That you were my brother,
Would make my life all the better,
Maybe even complete.

My brother, my angel, my friend, I love you.
And I am a better man because of your companionship
I'm so sorry though, that it took your death to realize this.

If only I could fly, if only I were as angelic as you,
I would kiss you, hug you, love you, as my brother, my angel

And my friend.
R.I.P Dakota