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Valentine's day.

Curse Valentine, since everything, well, not everything but most stuff happens on it or you expect something to happen. I mean all my life the damned holiday never left me emotionless. I mean, ok, it's not that long, that I got over my twenties, so I still remember what school was. University was a bit better, but not much. It had an extra of drunken parties and getting the taste of what adult life was actually. Well, about school and V-day.

The first years at school involved blushing by just catching the silhouette of that tall, dark and handsome dude from the last grade. Well, each year a different crush and all. Each year hoping that he'd run up to you, kiss you like in the movies and take yofur seven (eight, nine, ten, wait, even six) year old breath away.

Middle school. Still crushing at those older graders and actually thinking of relations with guys not from high school, but at least several years older, but same year was fine. So, waiting for guy's to actually give something instead another nickname just for the fun of it. I mean, maybe it was just my class, but even at high school they had six year old brain, seriously. Oh, right, bumping into a dude from the football section and accidentally going to the same film and near by seats. So hey, nearly everybody lost their first kiss by their curiosity and desire to find out what it's like.

High school. Oh, sweet heavens. Worse than midfdle school. Definitely. If in middle school just some smoked and drank to be cool, now it was simply a must. Now, you actually got something from the guys and went out on dates more and so-called partied the whole night. Well, actually, the two words tell everything, I mean so many books, films and all.

University, well, it's similar yet not exactly high school. I guess I should add the fact that I got into a university that I did not want. My parents said that my hobby is useless and stuff. Ok, so I held throughf university, I mean, I got one of the highest scores and the university is fancy and all. Yeah, I got valentines and several boxes of chocolate there, yet I felt as if they matured the guys I mean. By one year not more.

So I breathed in the cold air walking outside of my flat. I guess I shouldn't have start wearing my beloved converses so damn early. But still, despite the stupid holiday and all I felt like photographing something. Yes, you guessed it. Photography is my life.

I didn't feel like celebrating it, well, I guess I'll call Hazel and Lucy, if they don't have any dates, actually. So I kept on walking through the park. Even the park was crowded with couples, I thought that they'd be either at home or I dunno parties? But no, every bloody bench was with them kissing. I sighted, walking on, trying to find something to photo. I usually took photos of people. I'm no pervert to photo a couple making out or simply a person to run away cackling evilly.

So instead I simply walked on, trying to ignore all of the love birds. I actually felt tired all of a sudden and I thought the fancy signs on the windows were the most tiring. So I stopped near the lake staring at the duck on the other side of the mini fence. He stretched out his neck, waiting for me to feed him. Ducks here are too demanding, yet at least he wasn't with his duck wife or husband, depended all on his gender. No, he's bright, so he's a male.

He quacked not hiding his annoyance. The duck sure was stubborn, so I took out several chocolate chip cookies from my sling bag. Knowing Mr. Duck I always carried several. I threw a quarter of a cookie to him. My furry friend turned around and gobbled it up and returned to me once more. So as usual he didn't calm down until he ate it all.

To my surprise the last cookie he didn't eat, but carried it somewhere. After a while I saw him throw it to some female duck. Well, I guess V-day isn't just for people. I decided to go home afterwards, taking the shortest way and passing my usual super market.

I walked inside grabbing the latest issue of 'Avant Garde'. I mean, I always liked it since I was a teen and plus I wanted to be somewhat connected to fashion and photography. I grabbed a coke also to drink on my way home. As usual the lines were long. I sighted and began flipping the fashion magazine. I stopped on my favourite section.

Finally, I thought smiling. He was back from his vacation and back to work. I stared at his new photos for this new issue. The guy was a genius. Yup, Gray was a pure genius. No wonder, he had all of this fancy awards and stuff. I flipped the pages finding a photo of him. On the left page was an interview with him. I studied the picture of him holding photos and taking a drag from his cig. Couldn't say I imagined him like that, but I imagined him well… differently. Definitely not dirty blonde haired and I imagined his face more rough, maybe some facial hair.

'Am I a tyrant for the models? I apologize, if I seemed like one. I mean, I always wanted a photo to be as closer to perfect, to show the feeling, the emotion and express everything I feel. I think I got blind, since I rarely take photos of myself. After 459 flashes, I'll never take a single photo again.' Gray laughed, taking a long drag and grinning wider.

I read in large black letters at the end of the page. I smiled, yet he seemed a bit too posh in the interview, but then, people couldn't be themselves fully in the interview. I flipped a few pages seeing another interview but this time with a designer and photos of him yelling at a photographer. Right, it seemed as if I was in the yellow pages section.

'Jake Landon fired his photographer. Yet, that won't stop the new spring collection.

Jake, we believe in you!' Was written next to the photo. I flipped on stopping at Jake's biography. He seemed to be man of the issue.

"Carol!" I heard a voice behind me. So I closed the magazine and looked up seeing Lucy's hazel eyes. Her hair was in the usual tight bun. My walk to the supermarket ended with me finding out that both Lucy and Hazel were going on a double date.

"We can ask Derek to invite some cute friend and make it a triple date!" Lucy exclaimed excitedly. I rolled my eyes, no more Valentine couples. I hated it when people kept pairing me to somebody, my parents whenever I went to them, I'd see some creepy guy winking at me. I mean, I want to find my ideal soulmate myself, not by the help of somebody, since I'm sick of it.

So as soon as we walked up to my apartment, Lucy checked her watch and apologized, since she'll be late. Actually, Lucy is always late, so I think that Derek is used to it. The brown head waved to me and soon was gone. I sighted and opened my door. I quickly changed into my pajamas. I guess I wouldn't mind some romance classic, I mean, it is V-day after all. I turned on my TV, ignoring my phone ring. Hell with everyone.

'Hello, Carol? I'm sorry if I'm calling at suck a late hour. I'm Jake Landon. I've seen your portfolio which you sent us a week ago. I'm waiting for you tomorrow at nine. See you tommorow!' I walked up to my phone and replayed the message.

… There was no need for me to spend the rest of my life in an office.

Maybe V-day has its pluses. I mean, my love for photography just confessed it's love for me.


Claudia: Well this is the prologue to my new story. =3 I hope you liked it. R & R! ^^

Thank you to sWeEt mIsErY iS mInE for pointing out my mistakes. Thanks!!! ^^