Beep. Beep. Beep.

Why did I set up the alarm? Ah, hell with it. I pulled my pillow over my head; ignoring the alarm and feeling my head go light. Mm, several more hours of sleeping will be lovely. I mean I had this dream with this oh so cute guy, which resembled Albarn a lot. I mean, he's got a wife and a kid. Well, ten year old girl. I should have been born earlier and I should have dyed my hair black and met him before Justine… or his wife. But then, the more Albarn, the better.

I guess I didn't mention it, but according to my fan girl droll you can fully guess that I'm a Blur fan and mainly Albarn. Mm, I want to dream of him again. I yawned slightly, happy that the alarm was off. I mean, it's a regular Monday.



I sprung out of bed, breathing heavily already. Damn, I'm late. I didn't even bother to look at my clock. Ok, I just did. I should have been ten minutes up already sleepily sipping my hot coffee. I rush to my bathroom, nearly tripping. I mean I got up several seconds ago, after all. I quickly brush my teeth rather fiercely, since I don't have much time. Quickly wash my face and feel happy, that I barely wear any make-up.

Oh, sweet heavens.

I didn't choose what to wear. I take a deep breath and open my closet. Well, I wasn't actually expecting all of my clothes to fall down on me, covering me completely. Ok, so I stand for several minutes practically standing dumb, thinking what to choose. I mean, maybe regular shirts and jeans will be weird, since it's my first day. I grab a plain light button up shirt and black pants. Ok, not the best idea and my converses won't do.

That means… heels?

I mean, I don't like flats, but I also don't wear heels a lot. Ok, enough for now. I mean, the shirt matches my uhhh, light eyes? What colour are they anyway? Hell with the eyes. I pull everything on, grabbing the first heels I see. I stare at the logo. Jack Landon. Perfect, I grin relaxed. I'm not much of a fan of his, but I have a bit of his. Maybe I should search for his jeans, which I bought on sale – which according to Hazel are meant for me- and the matching t-shirt. But then it's still cold for t-shirts. Hello, it's February. Oh, yay, no more love birds. Well, that earned my smile.

So soon enough I run outside. Finally, actually.

Actually, I like early morning, well, when I have the power to keep my eyelids open. I mean, it's funny seeing so many people run past you into the underground, Starbucks, nearby McDonalds or simply other buildings. Only today it's different, I'm with them, I'm walking fast on these well, half killer heels.


A capuccino will be nice, I barely had any breakfast. I quickly glance at my watch. I have time. Well, I'll have to run while drinking my caffeine delight, but it's worth it. Oh, so worth it. I stop and look threw the glass door. Not so many people, so I won't have to walk an extra block towards the second nearest Starbucks. I breathed out relaxed and stood behind a tall guy.

Well, not all that tall. It didn't take long, before I was near the waiting section. Besides me the guy who was taller than me, tapped his fingers, waiting for his drinks. The sunglasses slightly slipped off his nose, as he stood up after trying his shoelace, revealing his slightly red eyes. Right, Sunday, mate, let's drink before the long hard week. I smirked at my thought and he looked at me.

I realized my last action and looked away, pretending to bee interested in the new drinks poster above the casher. I looked at him with the corner of my eye. I had a bad memory for people's faces, I mean, faces I wasn't exactly interested in. I mean, maybe I saw that dirty blonde headed guy somewhere, which nodded when 'Gray' was called out.

"Gray!" The lady repeated. I froze.

Coxon? Coxon?! Where?!

"Carol!" That cut off my interest along with realising that there was no Coxon here, sadly.

"Me!" I gave a wave and the blonde dude took my capuccino too. I stared at him in surprise. I mean, I may be a bit too skinny for average, but I'm no model type, especially my short dyed blonde hair, which creeps out some. But then, my hair's another subject. I stared at him in confusion. It was his time to smirk. I mean, what's with the sunglasses anyway? Dude, it's February. February.

"Um, thanks." I said dumbly as he stretched out my drink. He laughed at my expression. Well, I guess this is called revenge. 1:1 blondie. The sunglasses dude took a gulp of his hot drink and kept looking at me for a while. I managed to slowly take a gulp, ignoring that it was too hot for my liking.

"No prob, well, see-ya." Blondie said with a wave and headed off. His hair wasn't dyed and it's kind of rare to see a natural blonde. Lucy taught me how to see the small, yet noticeable difference. I watched him go outside and after a while I exited Starbucks myself, I mean, I was late already. Too late, actually.


So finally I storm in the studio, actually expecting glares with a small shade of interest. Instead I see models gossip in another room due to the glass walls, a pair of women smoking, ignoring another person rant on the smoke which was slightly in the air. The only curious gaze upon me belongs to the secretary well I think she's a secretary, since a call followed my entrance.

"Yeah, this is Jake Landon's office. He's not here yet. Yeah, he'll call you back. Yes, straight away. Bye-bye, John." She says in a slightly robotic accent, nodding at me to wait. I shrug and then she points with the tip of her pencil at a couch behind me. I manage to whisper and 'oh' and she rolls her eyes.

I sit on the couch and wait my turn, since another call. By the looks of it, I wasn't the only one who needed Landon. Wait, shouldn't I be able to call him by his first name? Wait, I'm not on the job yet. So technically I still can't call myself a photographer, especially professional.

Several phone rings followed one after another nearly straightly after she said her trademark 'bye-bye (insert name here)'. I looked at the small table in front of me with different magazines scattered on it: yellow pages, yellow pages, hairstyles, kids, homes, Avant Garde and some fitness magazine. I read my Avant Garde yesterday, but I decided that yellow pages would do for now. As soon as I got into Spear's new romance, I heard my name called out.

"Oh, mornin' Carol, Coco." Who's Coco? Well judging by the secretary's wave and 'Mornin' boss', she's Coco. Coco. No offence, but why parents choose the creepiest names? I mean come on! I was named after Christmas Carols. Because I never cried if I heard Christmas Carols. I mean c'mon, couldn't I be called differently? I mean I don't even look like a Carol, just like Lucy doesn't look like a Lucy. Well, Hazel has hazel eyes and same coloured hair, well, the name suits her. As for me and Lucy, well, you guessed it.


I just went blind.

Did anyone tell me-

No could everyone at least hint me-

Oh, crap.


I feel like a teenager.

I mean how can you just say a plain stupid 'mornin'' to a tall, handsome, brunette with all the y'know… jazz? Oh, I suck at words. I mean, I'm all for the blondes. Albarn, Albarn, Albarn. But I never said dark haired guys aren't… so handsome? Anyway, so I sit dumbly, but I manage to give out a 'mornin''.

"Coco, interview her, ok? I'll be back in a minute. I bet everyone called already." He says to Coco, slightly leaning against her table. How come she's not eating him with her eyes? How can she simply tell him who called him so icily? Wait, maybe he didn't give her a raise. I mean, I talked icily to my boss back when I worked back in my university years. And he was quite a candidate for daydreams.

So I can't tear my eyes off him as he walks away and Coco sights, rolling her eyes once more. Oh, come on, I just saw Landon for the first time and he's freaking handsome. So, that's natural. I mean it's natural, that you react like that when you see some attractive guy. I mean back in my school years, all were geeks, well, I thought so then. Because last year I met a guy who tried to date me once and I ditched him. Now? He's freaking handsome and not to mention found his place in the world.

Ok, stop daydreaming and concentrate. I turned my attention to Coco, who sighted, happily, that I was ready to answer whatever I had to.

"I have everything I need actually, well, bio." She said coldly scanning something on her monitor. Right, my portfolio and everything. "So on with the traditional questions. Why not I don't know open a studio, why in the fashion industry? Why not in a magazine? Like… " She paused for a second, glancing at me and pretended to think. "Other photographers? Because many quit this job and go to magazines, just to earn more. Anyway, we just want to know. Why here?" Coco asked getting bored. By the looks of it I wasn't the first photographer.

"Um. Well… I always admired Landon, the fashion industry…"

Just like every interview, it doesn't really matter what you actually feel, you just have to look smart and in every phrase hint, that you'd love to work here.

Maybe I simply hated interviews. I mean, why should they ask the same question which I fully described in my portfolio? I kept on answering Coco's questions and on the last Jacob appeared with a cup of coffee in his hand. Mmm, chocolate eyes. Concentrate.

Did he just wink at me?

I'm going insane.

Well, anyway, Coco nodded and after another gulp so did Jacob.

I got accepted.


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