i could bat my eyes and flip my hair
but it wouldn't get me anywhere.
stand up straight and gloss my lips
but you wouldn't care.

i could wear my heart on my sleeve
but i doubt it would it please you.
i just wouldn't want to leave
without a try.

oh, you've caught me off guard,
it won't stop me from trying too hard
impress you? could you tell?
i guess things aren't going so well.

i suppose i should quit before i fall out of these high heeled shoes.
can you hand me my hoodie and skinny jeans of dark demin blue?
say that again? i look better this way?
all that trying and this is what you say?

go figure.

maybe i'm just imagining things
has all that nail polish gone to my head?
maybe i'm dreaming,
i could have fallen and been left for dead.
that wouldn't be hard to believe.
my heart is still on my sleeve,
can you check it for me?
i can barely breathe.

can you hand my a towel so i can clean my face?
i look like a harlot in disgrace.

the concrete is cold as rain falls down on my bare feet
the embarrassment is too much for me,
i'll go home and erase you frojm my plans,
i'll leave you here and be out of your hands.

what was that?
what are you...
"hush." you said.
all that work for impressing
all that time overdressing,
and now i finally get you.
with your lips pressing onto mine.

i guess i should stop complaining
my facade is washing away while its raining.
you have me here, i have you too,
i'm happy as i've ever been
even without shoes.

i could flip my hair and bat my eyes
but it wouldn't change a thing,
stand up straight or gloss my lips
it wouldn't release your hands from my hips.