I started to open my eyes but the sunlight burned—was it the sunlight? I was not in my bed. The ground was hard and damp—and rough? I went to glide my hand across the mysterious surface but a sear of pain ran up my arm before I could even budge. I screamed in a cracked voice and gasped when the sound surged through my raw throat. My closed eyes started to water. A tear escaped one of my eyes and stung my face as it made its path. I tried to open my eyes again but the forced effort was painfully unsuccessful.

My breathing became labored as I tried to remember last night—and nothing. My chest ached as my breathing got increasingly heavier. This wasn't happening. It had to be dream. I scoured my brain for any useful information but the attempt exhausted me. Nothing—I couldn't remember even one detail. Not about last night and not about yesterday.

The feeling in one of my hands started to come back as I tried to calm myself. I was holding something. It felt like a folded piece of paper. If I could just open my eyes enough to see it maybe things would make more sense. I struggled to open my eyes again and bit my tongue to hold back the tears. Light broke the darkness again but not very much. My eyes would only open about half way and were not adjusted to the sun.

Pain ran over my face as I struggled to keep my eyes open. I just needed to keep them open long enough to adjust and look down at my hand. My heart sank when my eyes focused on the unfamiliar surroundings.