A/n: -sigh- I'm such a teenager.

She didn't get a card. She didn't expect to. He didn't know she liked him like that... A few dances here and there, but she liked him more. This Valentine's Day went by quickly, and she hardly thought about it until school was out. Her friends gave her candy and one got her a rose, but something from him would have made her week. She was going to get cards for them, but she forgot... deciding to hand them out the next time she saw them. She was going to ask him to be hers; she was finally going to do something. Then, after school, she got a text from one of her friends. She was depressed too about getting nothing from a boy. They chatted, but her friend added something that tore her apart. "He asked Lauren to be his Valentine." Her heart broke. "Its because she's moving." she told herself one hundred times. "Its because she's moving." But no matter how many times she said that, it didn't make it better. She needed to know he liked her. He seemed like he did... The smiles, the nicknames... the dance. She ran to her house in tears. He was supposed to her Valentine not Lauren's. Lauren was moving. She didn't need to play him like that. The girl knew him like the back of her hand. She'd been to his birthday party, and they were friends. Just friends. Friends... and that's all they would ever be. She wiped the last tear from her eye and wrote it all out. She wouldn't let anyone read it though; she couldn't. No one could know about the boy that broke her heart. As soon as she typed it, she dragged it off to the recycle bin, and it was gone.

-Emme Denney 2/13/09