You watch me carefully

i sit here trapped like a bird

You call out to me

I stare without a word

Is the world so blind?

is the world so deaf?

or am i merely whining,

because everybody left?

I am not to acknowledge

you giving me food

i refuse to pay attention

to your sweet gentle mood.

i am sitting alone

trapped, trapped in a cage

forbidden to speak

not a word left to say.

try to convince me,

try to change my mind.

it will result in failure.

Theres nothing left to find.

you can sit here and wait

in my eyesight's range

why won't you leave?

do you really believe i can change?

I guess for you,

i'll try, at the least.

hypnotized by love,

you are very sweet.

stay, here

close by my side

i'll forever love you,

ill call you mine.

how have i never noticed,

a feeling so sweet?

how did i not consider,

we were meant to meet?

stay by my side,

you're the cage's key

i love you...

and i know you love me.