Unlikely Foe

Burning one's mind
By deploying a ploy in mind
A plan unlikely and sleek
A unlikely foe one has seen
Apparently hiding
Like the shadows
The darkness the hides

Within the light

Turning the tide
Without a loss at hand
Fighting for one's life
Though desperation
Loss of hope
Numbers may be unnecessary
To put men in fright
A plot that may look obvious
But one could be wrong

Trying to read
Such amalgamated plot
Unlikely words
That confuse and deceive
Friend and foe alike
May what side they are
Black and white
Can be a candidate to deception

Those who try to read the lies
May you be wary
Or your hearts may be deceived
Such deceitful words
Of one's may bite
When it poisons not one can escape
Such trickery is indeed brilliant
A strategy that is sound
But never it did had a weakness at hand

Never be confused

Of such poisonous words

Which are easy to read

With an open mind and heart

Never be trapped

In obvious illusions

Product of deceit

Product of malice

Men with strong heart and minds

Shall never be intimidated

Never let the poisons of confusion

Rule your heart and mind

For you shall fall an easy prey

To a unlikely adversary hiding and waiting

May your heart and will be strong

For they will be your shield and sword

Against the unlikely foe...