I'm impossible to forget.

But hard to remember. –from the movie Elizabethtown.

It's everywhere, but nowhere. I can't seem to find it, but I know where it is. In a dark place is where you'll find it. Quivering in a corner, lost and alone. Nowhere to be and nowhere to go. Its eyes hollow, round and full. Blank and lifeless, but oh so beautiful. I can't help but stare, not to be aware would be a crime. And time stands still while this "it" cowers in its corner. Never to know a loving caress or word of encouragement. Only to know the bitter sting of reality and the harsh words of the hateful. So, it hides itself well, and never cries out. Even when the cold wind strikes it out. And I'll never know why it hides, why it's so adamant to stay inside. Oh, the years may past, but this "it" will always last. Drinking the blood of the one it loves, devouring every last bit of life in its victims. Preying on the weak and defenseless. But only because it can't cope with the worlds beliefs and hopes. So, it rebels. So, it kills. No one speaks out, no one dares move a muscle. How can they, when this "it" has no name, no face, no home, and no crime in which we can pin it down. And we let it eat our children, cripple our old folk, and take away our parents. "It" hides, waiting for the day it will survive. Because "it" thrives on the lives we can't take. The lives we overlook, the deaths we have no answer for. And so, it will live on. In our minds and in our little ones. Taking shapes and forms, hiding in our books and waiting with baited hook. Live on! Live on! We cry out into the night, as the "it" consumes all before us. And we watch, as it burns our homes and our memories. Stashing them away for a rainy day. Could I possibly tell you the horror it causes, but that would be giving its name away. So, I wait for it to come back. Because I can't forget what it's done, what it looks like, and why oh why its here. "It" will always be. It will always see what we've all become. And it whispers in the dark. "Its you that's made me like this. Shackled me down, and broken me with your fist. Don't tell me to forget, and don't tell me not to regret. All you'll ever know is that I'm your soul, and I won't let go!".