A Christmas Gift From My Heart

ByL Charisma Arielle Hishaw

I haven't a penny to my name to show you

How much I appreciated your love and caring the whole year through

So I have decided to write you on this day

A few words, here is what I have to say

I hope this little gift is enough

We all know money is tight and times are rough

This comes from the bottom of my heart

And from this poem, I hope you never part

Christmas is celebrating Jesus Christ's birth

The day He came here, on this vast and wide earth

To save us from our sinful ways

And be with Him and our father Father some divine and wonderful day

This gift is worth much more then the value of a dollar

Bigger then Mt. Everest, maybe even taller

Wider then the Oceans, I'm sure

And whiter then the whitest snowflake, a lot more pure!

I love you with everything in me, I tell you now

Everlasting love will lead us to our crowns

And I will continue loving you

Forever and ever, plus one and then two!

So have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Let the bells ring from ear to ear

And trust in the Lord, our God, with everything

And let the angels all around us sing, Sing, And SING!!