I knew the kid by name and face,

Nothing more beyond that.

He seemed awkward and weird,

But kind of sweet at heart,

But I left before we met.

And now I've got blog posts about him,

Saying RIP and we'll miss you and bye,

And one angry message

(that informed me at first)

About hypocrites and liars

Who let people die.

Could I say that his death

Really hurt me?

Did it touch me in any way?

Yes, because that night I went to bed,

My head preoccupied with school,

And I realized that we were past childhood,

That now was the age

When people started to die,

Drunk driving,

Car crashes,



And soon we'd be sick and gone.

So this guy, who I never really knew,

Who maybe I would have eventually,

I guess just isn't around anymore

So the chances of knowing him now

Are slim.

But I guess, whatever I'm trying to say is,

No matter what, in idea or thought,

We'll miss him.

Dedicated to the person I'll never meet