A/N: I don't think this is the last poem about this experience, but it's the first I've been able to write.
It goes in and out of my usual style, I think. All the same, R&R me, I'll R&R you. Keep writing.

October Fragments

The moon was full, and hopes were high.
The drums I heard from outside the house
beat in perfect time with my heart.
My costume, ridiculous, clearly a disguise,
was a costume nonetheless, it hid my nervous eyes.
Glasses clinking, random groupies singing,
the lights blared as the frat boys stared.
The crowd expanded, began to spread out,
to make room for all the sins I had heard about.
She was running her words together, asking me to go with her.
I couldn't say no, I walked with her outside.
She was asking me questions I didn't want to answer,
asking me if I had done things I hadn't heard of.
I told her no, I told her never.
I told her to let go, she laughed even louder.
She pushed me, hurt me, held me in place.
I pushed back, too weak, too scared, I didn't breathe.
A friend interrupted, gave me a way to run.
I ran up stairs, not sure where they led.
I was oblivious to the danger straight ahead.
I was pulled behind closed doors, pushed down once again.
I got upset as she asked me more questions.
Had I ever done this? Had I ever tried that?
The more I shook my head, the happier she'd get.
My costume gave way, my feelings exposed.
A knock at the door, a forced entry in.
My friend came back and pulled her away.
I put my body back together, my mind gone astray.
He said to call for help; he said to bring her down.
I was too scared someone else would find out.
She left, unpunished, carrying pieces of me in her hands.
I knew I would never see them again.