There are six of us in our gang.

Just six, no more or less.

I am not the leader, to be honest. That's the job of Latham. He's been living on the streets since he was practically five, all thanks to his house burning down and taking the life of his young mother. He's fourteen now, with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

His second in command is Ty. He doesn't want anyone calling him Tyler. He ended up on the street when he was ten, the result of when his mother remarried for the third time. His stepdad didn't like him…and the rest is history, or that's how much Ty would tell us. He is of Asian origin, with black hair and deep brown eyes.

Isabella, or "Mysterious Isa" as she likes to be called, is the only other girl in our gang apart from me. She didn't tell us anything about what her past was like or anything about herself (except for saying she was thirteen), hence the nickname. She always wears a pink bathrobe over light green pajamas and a pair of moccasins. We don't know where she got those shoes or decided on that bizarre outfit, and she won't tell us. Her hair is red and usually held back in a braid, and her teal eyes are wide and shining.

Josiah, also known as "Little Jo," is the little brother of Mysterious Isa, aged nine. He is the youngest in our gang. Like his sister, Little Jo has red hair, but his eyes are brown instead of teal. He wears this blue jacket that should've been better off on a teenager, but no matter how many times we tell him this, he won't take it off.

Cooper is of African American origin. He came from another city, claiming that he was left at some orphanage and decided to break away from it. He also said that Cooper is his surname, but when we asked him what his first name was, he refused because Cooper sounded better than whatever his first name was.

Then there's me. Faith is my name. They say that faith is the confident belief of the truth...if I knew what the truth of myself is. I have no last name, no home, no family. Heck, all I know about myself is that I have dark blond hair underneath a pink bandanna with hazel eyes, and that I've been living on the streets for almost as long as Latham. I am the newest member to join this gang.

Every day is the same. We must fight for food, shelter, and to survive. Latham tells us that the police must never catch us. We have to be manipulative and swift, so that way, we'll be the first ones to flee from a marketplace if we're caught snatching up an apple, the first ones to find the most comfortable beds in a homeless shelter, and the first ones to catch the sympathy of even the stingiest.

We live in this city by the ocean known as Silver Point. It's called that because in the heart of our hometown, there's this big, silver-colored spire (we call it the Silver Spire) that rises up to the heavens with an amethyst orb on its tip. Architects say that the orb is estimated to be one hundred meters across and twenty feet high. With this, the Silver Spire. No one is allowed to enter the spire because the city council made it illegal in the 1950s. Well, that's okay. Besides, I've been close enough to the tower to see that it doesn't appear to have an entrance. The architects also say it was made by some tribe that lived about six thousand years ago, or something like that. I don't know.

Latham, Ty, Cooper, Mysterious Isa, Little Jo, and I have not been attracted to the Silver Spire that much. We sometimes poked fun at it and spoke out our theories about what could be inside that tower (Cooper thought it was the home to a mad scientist and Isa claimed it was haunted) and then had a good laugh about it.

Until one evening in the early days of June.